They watched as the man and woman walked through the door before closing it after them.  Our guy had just finished in the tub, and the microphones dotted around the room were now picking up and transmitting out to the car the cheeky lines he was pulling on the female agent posing as a cop.

Our guy would know that these two weren't really cops.  When you're in this line of work and someone is trying to kill you, then the cops only ever find out about it afterwards.  If they find the body that is.  They would never really know what happened of course, it would just be another John Doe washing up on a shore somewhere or being found in the rubble before the foundations were laid at a new shopping centre or housing development.

So for the moment he would appear to play along, but he would be waiting for an opportunity to get these two off his tail. Of course, the two posing as cops would be keeping an eye on him to make sure they hadn't been rumbled, so the situation could turn nasty at any minute.

It wasn't for us to interven at this point though, we were simply here to make sure that Blacke didn't leave the country, at least not tonight. He had an important meeting in three hours that he couldn't miss.  He just didn't know about it yet.

The End

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