I slipped out of my clothing as I passed the thresh-hold, bare feet alighting softly on the cold tile of the floor. Oh, how I would miss such simple sensations. Crossing the floor in silence, I took a quick glance at myself in the mirror.

    Damn, I'm fine.

    My vanity takes the better of me, and I perform a few final poses for my own enjoyment. After a few moments of stretches I turn to draw the water, twisting the knobs of the tap to release the warm water into the tub.


    I look up, my foot poised over the steaming water, toe barely damp. My heart races, my mind works in overdrive.

    Now who could that be at this hour?

    Curiosity gets the better of me, and I stride to the door, naked, as the bell rings for the second time.


    "Coming, coming." My voice is harsh, scratchy, but hushed. I reach the door, make sure that the chain is still affixed, and crack it open a little. "Hello?"

    "Good evening Mr. Blacke. Is everything alright inside?"

    I could see that it was a cop behind the door. Wait, two cops. One was waiting behind the other who had spoken. Trustable. I close the door, unhook the chain, then open it wide. A questioning look from the policeman in front, a soft gasp from the woman behind him.

    She's cute. And I'm naked. Halfway there, tiger.

    "Yes, everything is quite alright. Come in, and I'll throw something on."

    I beckon the pair in with an open arm and a wide smile, the two passing inside silently, the woman sparring a glance at me. I wink casually.

    Now what business do these pigs have here? Might as well make small talk, figure things out. After all, I have nothing to loose, right?

    I return from the bedroom, now clothed, and sit myself on the leather love-seat across from the Law.

    "So. Why the visit? Something up in the neighbourhood?"

    Concerned glances are exchanged between the cops, and this time the woman speaks.

    "Yes, Mr. Blacke. Something is up. Something big." She had a pleasant voice, not hardened by her years in the force. "Lemme give it to you straight. We have reason to believe that someone is out to kill you."

The End

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