Shifting uncomfortably against my bonds, I straighten up to face Walter, who had taken the interlude to mix himself a drink.  God only knew where the bottle was now, but with a ringing head, I sure could do with a slug of something strong.

                “how long are you planning on continuing this charade?”  I could see no point in being anything but direct with the man sipping whiskey after abducting me and holding me captive.

                “Well, I had to make it convincing for Felicity,” he paused to take a sip of his drink “you might have noticed she’s a bit of a hard ass under that sugar coating. That’s if you actually managed to raise your eyes beyond that ass for five minutes between wise-cracks?”

                “Oh I noticed alright.  I also noticed that punch you threw my way earlier, you still haven’t forgiven me for Berlin have you?”

                In spite of the really rather tight restraints, I manage to duck low enough to allow the airbourne tumbler to clear my head, just.  It doesn’t stop me from getting doused in a good three fingers of whiskey though.

                “I’d have preferred mine on the rocks actually.”  I quip as my old friend and associate lets rip a quickly stifled belly laugh.

                “Now tell me more about Felicity, and just what the hell you’re doing showing up at my door today of all days, posing as an officer of the law no less.”



The End

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