A boy named Nakamura Sora transfers in a new private school. He meets Shizuku, the daughter of the richest family in Japan, while stalking her crush which turns out to be Sora's old friend. They decided to make a deal that Sora will help Shizuku to get the man of her dreams in exchange of her helping Sora with his crush too. However, will the deal still continue as time goes by?


"Living in an average house, my life has always been average. Yes, I like being an average person. Not too high of a person but not to low of a person too. I want to be a neutral guy. With that, I have no problems. Oh,I almost forgot to introduce myself. I'm Nakamura Sora. I have a big sister on our family. It's a pain though."

Yukina: Hey damn little brother, who are you calling a pain, huh!?

Sora: Oh. This is for my paragraph introduction. Don't worry, I won't erase this.

Yukina:Erase it now!

Sora: You want me to write your name? [writing] "My sister's name is Nakamura Yukina. She is a kind person."

Yukina: I'm glad you thought me of that! Continue your paragraph!

Sora: [still writing] "But my fellow classmates, she is to be compared to a machine gun when she's angry. Please don't make her mad."

Yukina: [grabs Sora's head] Hey, wanna die now?!

Sora: AHHH! It hurts! Cut it out!

Yukina: Wanna die, huh!?

Sora: I-I won't die u-until...

Yukina: Until!?

Sora: I touch someone's boobs!

Yukina: Huh? What do you think are you saying in front of me?!

Sora: Finally, you stopped it. Are you gonna crack my head!?

Yukina: Yeah! Finish your essay now! Hmph!




Sora: Crap! I'm late! Gotta hurry!

[Sora hits a person]

Sora: Oh, gramps! Sorry for that.

[picks up the oranges that fell from the basket]

[a car passes by and a girl inside saw Sora helped the old man]

Old person: T-Thank you.

Sora: Bye bye!

(Takamagaoka Academy Class 2-C ; 8:00 am)

Kureto: Hey everyone! We have a new transfer student! Please enter!

[Sora enters]

Girl students: "He's handsome!" "He looks cool!"

Kureto: Please read your introduction paragraph.

Sora: [reads paragraph] "Leaving in an average house, my life has always been average. Yes, I like being an average person. Not too high of a person but not to low of a person too. I want to be a neutral guy. With that, I have no problems. Oh,I almost forgot to introduce myself. I'm Nakamura Sora. I have a big sister on our family. It's a pain though. My sister's name is Nakamura Yukina. She is a kind person. But my fellow classmates, she is to be compared to a machine gun when she's angry. Please don't make her mad."

[students laugh]

Girl classmate: What are the things that you love?

Sora: Good question. Hmm... To be precise, I love boobs.

All: Huh?

Sora: Yes! I love boobs! I want to touch them, fondle them, make them a pillow, and the most crucial thing... I want to suck them hard!

Girl classmates: "Kyahh!" "What a turn-off!" "Pervert!"

Sora: But don't judge me because of that. I'm just expressing my feelings. And if that girl who asked that didn't asked that, then I won't say that I love boobs.

Girl classmate: Get out of here! [throws an eraser]

Sora: [caught the eraser] Don't be like that. Want me to touch your breasts, woman?

Kureto: A-Anyway, please take your seat anywhere you like.

Sora: Hmm... [looks for a chair]

Kureto: Class, I want to tell you that... [talks in background]

Sora: I love being near the window. Huh? [looks at his seatmate] {A beauty! I, Nakamura Sora, shalt talk to this woman beside me!"} H-Hey, what's your name?

Shizuku: I'm Shizuku. Nice to meet you.

Sora: Y-Yeah, nice to meet you too. {Great, I did it!}

(HALL WAY; 12:15 pm)

Sora: [running funny] Gotta buy lunch, gotta buy lunch... [turns right] Gotta buy- Huh? [sees Shizuku tailing someone] Shizuku? [follows her]

Shizuku: [on the corner] Stare...

Sora: What are you doing there?

Shizuku: [startled] H-Holy mother of G-! Oh, it's just you, boob hunter.

Sora: Hmm... Are you stalking that guy?

Shizuku: [covers Sora's mouth] Shh!

Stalked guy: Huh? [gazes at the two's location]

Shizuku: He almost saw us! Come with me!

(CAFETERIA; 12:30 pm)

Sora: So, do you like that guy?

Shizuku: Shh!

Sora: You're so obvious. Do anyone know that?

Shizuku: N-Not really. He's there!

Sora: Where?

Guy: Oh!

Sora: Oh! Kenichi! Long time, no see!

Shizuku: Huh?

Kenichi: You too! So you've transferred here!

Sora: What class are you?

Kenichi: I'm in the same class as you.

Sora: But I didn't saw you earlier.

Kenichi: I was in the student council meeting.

Sora: Is that so?

Kenichi: Ohh, I didn't know you're already friends with Shizuku. Great development!

Shizuku: No! No! No! We're not friends! I won't be friends with him!

Sora: {Hey, damn woman. That hurt my feeling!} Kenichi, you know what, this girl li- [Shizuku hits Sora's mouth with her hand]

Shizuku: Oh, Nakamura-kun, there's a mosquito on your mouth. Ahaha! Ahaha!

Kenichi: I'm gonna take my leave now! I still have a lot of work to do. Ciao!


Sora: Don't hit my mouth suddenly!

Shizuku: Because you're gonna tell him!

Sora: I'm not! I was going to tell him that you like to be close with him.

Shizuku: Then he'll notice!

Sora: Don't worry, virgin woman. I'll help you get my friend.

Shizuku: Really?

Sora: Yeah. I'll trigger many events for you two.

Shizuku: That's a promise, okay?

Sora: Yeah. And we'll begin later. [looks at the dark sky]

(CLASS 2-C; 3:00 pm)

Sora: Crap, it's still raining.

Kenichi: Sora, wanna go home?

Sora: Sure, you go down first.

Kenichi: Okay. [leaves classroom]

Sora: [makes eye gestures with Shizuku] {Plan A, start!}

[Kenichi goes up again]

Sora: What's wrong?

Kenichi: My umbrella is gone!

Sora: This is bad! {Ahihihi! I threw your umbrella earlier! Now Shizuku, go home with this man and live happily ever after! Oh, it's early for that.}

Kenichi: How do we go home now?

Shizuku: I-I have an umbrella. W-Wanna share it with me?

Kenichi: Are you willing to?! Thank you! But, how will you go home, Sora?

Sora: I'll go home later. Now both of you should go home now.

Kenichi: Okay then. Shall we, Shizuku?

Shizuku: Y-Yeah. [looks at back at Sora and makes a thumbs up gesture]

Sora: [replies with a wink]

(HALLWAY; 5:30 pm)

Sora: Crap, the rain isn't stopping. And I think I'm the only one in the school. [lightning lights the whole place and thunder follows] I-I doubt a ghost will be here. Hehe. I'm not scared. Woohoo! {Crap, I'm still in the third floor hallway.} [lightning strikes and this time, electricity went out] {SHIT! The lights are out! Wahh! I wanna go home!} Oh, I should sing a h-happy song.

(HALLWAY 2nd Floor; 5:50 pm)

Sora: [singing while shaking] "H-Happy, shalalala. I-It's so n-nice to be happy, shalalala. Everybody s-sh- [lightning and thunder flash] WAHH! Huh? [looks back] [lightning flashes and a person figure shows up that makes Hideaki run] WAHH!

(HALLWAY 1st floor; 5:55 pm)

Sora: I'm almost there!

?: Wait up!

Sora: Huh?

?: Why are you running?

Sora: Who are you?

Asuka: I'm Kirisaki Asuka. I'm your classmate, don't you remember?

Sora: O-Oh.

Asuka: I have an umbrella. Wanna go home?

Sora: S-Sure.


Sora: I didn't see you when I was about to go home. Where are you?

Asuka: I'm on the research room. And you, why are you still on the school?

Sora: Well, I don't have an umbrella.

Asuka: Ahaha! You're lucky I'm here!

Sora: {Her smile...It's too cute! I think I like her now!}

Asuka: Is something wrong?

Sora: N-Nothing.

Asuka: Well, your introduction is something to be hated for.

Sora: Sorry about that! One of our classmates asked me and I answered.

Asuka: Well, your answer is to be hated. But, I know you are a good person.

Sora: Is that a compliment?

Asuka: Not really. Ahaha! There's my house. You should stop by for now.

Sora: Are you sure?

Asuka: Yeah. There's no one home right now. Let's have some coffee and let's talk.

Sora: {Whoa! That dating sim line! Is this it? Am I gonna be a man now? Am I gonna be touching breast now?! Wahhhh! I can't contain myself!} S-Sure.

(Kirisaki Household; 6:15 pm)

Sora: Whoa, your house is a bit.. big.

Asuka: Haha. I'm glad. Wait there for a moment, I'm gonna change.

Sora: S-Sure!

(AFTER 30 minutes)

Asuka: Here. [serves coffee]

Sora: T-Thank you.

Asuka: I just noticed that you and Shizuku are now friends, huh?

Sora: Y-Yeah.

Asuka: Me and Shizuku are best friends.

Sora: Come to think of it, what is Shizuku's surname?

Asuka: Didn't she tell you?

Sora: Well, not really.

Asuka: Her full name is Minase Shizuku.

Sora: Minase? You mean the richest family in this country this time?!

Asuka: Yeah, she's the second daughter.

Sora: Oh, that's why she looks rich.

Asuka: Shizuku has a lot of suitors, mostly from rich families.

Sora: So, what did she do?

Asuka: She turned them all down. Her heart only is for a certain man.

Sora: That's Kenichi, right?

Asuka: Yeah! How did you know?

Sora: I saw her stalking him earlier in school.

Asuka: Ahahaha! She's doing it all the time yet the others don't notice her. We're the only two who knows it so it's a big secret.

Sora: Well, I can help her. Kenichi's my best friend since elementary.

Asuka: That's great. Wait, how should I call you?

Sora: Hmm.. It's up to you.

Asuka: Then, Naka-cchin.

Sora: Sure!

Asuka: Oh, the rain stopped.

Sora: {Damn rain, why did you stopped!? We're still doing some lovely moments here!} I guess I should go home now.

Asuka: Yeah, you should. Bye-bye Naka-cchin!

Sora: See you tomorrow!



(CLASS 2-C ; 7:15 am)

Sora: Shizuku.

Shizuku: Yes? [smirking]

Sora: Why are you smirking?

Shizuku: N-No reason!

Sora: {I guess it's the aftermath of yesterday.} Anyway, I have a favor.

Shizuku: What is it?

Sora: Help me with something.

Shizuku: What is it?

Sora: Make Asuka-san fall in love with me.

Shizuku: What!?


The End

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