The mischievious trio, Amy, Dakota, and Zoe find a sign that says DO NOT ENTER. with a bunch of leaves on top of...something. When Zoe takes the biggest dare and defies...

"Whoooeee, what's that hole?" 

In  1989, in the city of Reynolds, a farmer looks at a big hole next to Reynolds High School. The farmer looks suspiciously at it. "How come I didn't realize it before? Diane, c'mon and look at this."

Diane B. Timmerman, the farmer's wife, comes and looks at the hole. "Wow. Where did this come from?"

The farmer whistles. "No clue, Diane. I reckon what could be in there."

"Should we check?"

"I should, Diane, just in case there's an incident, huh?" The farmer looks at the hole. Should I really do this? he asks himself. He's doubtful about what could happen. He exhales. "Here I go."

The farmer takes one step into the hole. He feels himself falling, falling...


"Ronald? Ronald? Where are you?" Diane looks at the hole. There's no sign of her husband.


"Ronald! Ronald?!" Diane is becoming to feel afraid and frightened. "RONALD?" Diane starts to cry. 

"What's the matter, Mrs. Timmerman?" a young adult boy asks. "What happened?"

"Your father is a police, right?" questions Diane. "If so, call him over."

"Yes, ma'am." 


"Diane, I'm sorry. Your husband must've died in there. But, you mustn't worry."

Diane nods, still crying.

That police sticks up a sign saying DO NOT ENTER., and with Diane's help covers the place with leaves.

It still stands here today. 

That hole was broadcasted on the news. It said never to enter. Never to dare. Never to jump into that hole. No one knew how it was formed. 

But it's still here today.

The End

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