Looking Through

Have you ever noticed how all the colors of the earth mean something, mean more than what they appear to be?  When we look at the world we each see different things. We see our emotions which affect the colors we see; sometimes the colors are gloomy or to0 bright for sensitive bloodshot eyes, but sometimes things just seem beautiful. The sky is an innocent baby blue, while the soft fluffy clouds seem to wisp you away with your thoughts, dreams,and emotions, but yet these things that you see aren't always what they appear to be. For that sky is just blue and those fluffy clouds are just white.

The trees are like roads, each limb is like a different adventure, each leaf is like a piece of paper, a blank canvas for each unwritten story.

 Each brick is stained with a different color, a different type, or maybe a different shape, but when things come down to it these bricks are like people, people that come together and stay together as one, but formed by many.

 Each person can set their differences aside and come together as pairs, like women and men coming together to create something beautiful, like bricks coming together to make a beautiful building.

 A flower is like a painting, there are many different types of flowers, but yet they can look the same, as if they were similar to a choice of something you would choose to paint.

 Each stroke of the brush is like planting a seed, a seed that will grow over time into something twice as complex as it started out to be. With each stroke a creation is made, and with each seed a flower is developed.

The End

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