Looking Great for Different Events

Every woman wants to look her best for all of the events that life encompasses. It seems that a woman’s wardrobe needs to be pretty full because there really are so many events to plan for in life. Let’s go over some of the main types of event clothes that every woman should have in her closet.


Wedding attire


Weddings are wonderful events that bring family and friends together over the bond of a loving relationship. Your clothes should reflect that by mixing romantic with classy. Very short low-cut tops don’t make the cut. Opt for a flattering dress in a soft color, and make it one that matches the season. And don’t forget, only the bride wears white, so if it’s eggshell, ivory, cream or titanium white, leave it at home.




Unfortunately, we all will attend at least a few funerals in our lives if we have people we love and care about around us. Funerals are definitely not a time to take out your most beloved red dress or spike heels. The key is to be respectful. While black is usually the color of choice for funerals, you don’t always have to wear black. In general, it’s the most respectful choice to choose dark colors, so navy, dark brown or gray are usually what people wear. The main concern is not to wear large flower prints or bold, fluorescent stripes. This simply is not respectful.


Sporting events


Sporting events are not a time for your new dress. Perhaps you could wear a dress if you’re attending the Kentucky Derby, but otherwise, go with athletic casual. You don’t have to paint your face or wear a mask, but you should show some pride for whatever team you’re rooting for. In addition, no one likes a complainer. If it’s a hockey game or a late-season football game, dress in layers! Wear a coat, and bring a hat and gloves. As a final note, jeans are always your best bet for sporting events, so leave those short skirts, leggings and dresses at home.


Finally, don’t forget that you don’t always have to have a specific “look.” Sometimes, you’re by yourself and you just want to kick it in whatever your heart desires. Hanging out with family is great fun, and it requires no uniform or specific attire. Staying home and playing Royal Vegas online casino (royalvegascasino.com) or popping in a classic movie is perfectly fine, and for these occasions, it’s best just to be comfortable. Get out your comfy sweatpants, your oversized sweater and your big, fuzzy slippers. Then kick back and have a relaxing evening alone or with a few close friends or family members. These can be some of the best times. Use all of this advice to look and feel your best all the time—even at home!

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