Looking for Alex

Alex and Skye were your typical high school couple. Though they were perfect for each other in every way possible. When Alex dumps Skye on the last day of school, 8 years later, working full time in a cafe fulfilling all her customers needs rather than her own, a figure from the past finds her and together they embark on a journey, Looking for Alex..

When me and Alex got together in high school, I'd always thought we'd be together. People would always admire us. We were perfect, each other's destined half. I thought we would even get married. I even started planning our wedding day! That's how much I loved him..I still do.

Until that last day of high school. Us year 11's got let out early to celebrate. I went to look for Alex, to celebrate with him however he found me. I knew something was wrong, I could tell by the way he looked. He looked at me with a smile.

'I'm sorry' he said. I looked confused, why was he sorry?
'It's over Skye..' and with that, he walked passed me...

I'd never thought in a million years it would ever turn out this way. That was the last time I've ever seen or heard from him. I'm 24 now and yet, whilst everyone is fulfilling their lifelong dream, I'm spending what's left of my youth, waitressing and still thinking about Alex.

The End

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