Looking Beyond the Sunset


Ragid breaths escape the girl's parted lips. But she does not give up. She will not fail. She's too far to make a mistake.

The sky's a brilliant purple. She stops and looks up into the horizon. She grins. What a beautiful day the perfect day to do the task she must complete.

The girl flips her black hair away from her face, and pulls on her hat to make it tighter. She continues to draw in gulps full of air, and pulls herself up to the next branch. She sets herself on the end and pulls a leaf from the tree. She stares at the oak masterpiece, inspecting every part of the green texture.

Satisfied with her pick, she calms herself down. Now that she has finished she takes time to stare at the sunset. What a radiance. She captures the image and stores it in the back of her mind, for safe keeping.

The girl starts climbing down the great oak tree, remembering this time. Hoping she won't forget.


The End

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