Let's see where it goes

Everything rushes by so fast.

All he wants is slow peaceful quiet, a time to breathe. But every time he can almost touch what he craves he gets sucked back into the storm that is suffocating him. Life hurts.

Sometimes he stops still and imagines he can see her sitting under the tree, the sun breaking through the bright green leaves. She has her sketchpad, maybe her notebook, and she is so engrossed in what she is doing and doesn't notice him watching her from a distance. He wants to reach out and touch her, but the thought of disturbing her holds him back. So he continues, watching, fascinated by her. Suddenly she stops writing and looks up at him, her smile warms his heart. Life is perfect.

A sudden jolt snaps him back to reality. Coldness envelopes him and as his eyes focus he sees a gnarled, angry face that spits venom at him; "Get out of the way, you stupid idiot!". He sighs and continues his journey to the place that imprisons him.

As usual, he was first into the office. The aroma of stale coffee and stale bodies almost make him gag and he rushes over to open a window and breathes in the less offensive air. He sits at his desk and a wave of despair washes over him, nothing has changed since he last sat here. He looks at the piles of cardboard folders and picks one up from the top of the stack in his in-tray. He thinks about opening it, but instead drops it on the desk in front of him, he lets out a long sigh and then looks around his desk for something more important to do. Finding nothing, he gets up and wanders over to the coffee machine and pushes the button marked FRESH BREW COFFEE. As the machine gurgles and froths the brown liquid into the squat plastic cup he wonders what the concoction will taste like today. Yesterday it tasted more of chicken soup than coffee.

Back at his desk, he lifts the cup to his lips and braves a sip. At first there is no taste, only heat, and then the flavour of a thousand mixed beverages. He screws up his face in disgust, spits it back in the cup and slumps back in his chair. There must be something better, a better life than this.

The End

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