Look Up, Don't Cry

Where am I from? It seems like there’s an obvious answer, and I can guarantee you, there is. I fell from the sky, along with the every ray of sunlight and rain. So, now every time you feel that glimpse of warmth or a drop of water falling on your perfect face, look up.

Look up, and know that’s where I came from. Know that wherever you are, you’ll always be able to find me. Do you know why? I went right back to where I came from. It wasn’t that I didn’t belong. It wasn’t that I didn’t like it there. It was exactly the opposite.

I absolutely loved it down there. No, love isn’t even the word. I never wanted to leave. I never even thought I could, but I did.

I just couldn’t stand not being everywhere with you. So, I guess I’ve learned my lesson, right? Everything has its price.

I get to be up here… In the sky. I get to see you every single day, every single second. But I deeply suffer the consequences of never having you by my side, of never hearing you say, I love you.

The End

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