Look After Your Superstar

Stephanie thinks she has it all: three best-selling albums, an acting career-in-the-making and boyfriend from the guy who she has fancied since she was eleven.
But then things start to go wrong. She is dropped from her label and she can't find decent work.
As she looks for an answer to her troubles, she stumbles across the saying:
"You are who you make yourself. Blame nobody but you." What food for thought.



There was silence on the Facebook front, a computer screen let out a blue glow into the darkness of a room in the middle of up-market Oxford. There was a sudden, sharp ‘bleep’ and that was how it began.

Cian Lonsdale > Stephanie Dante:

You. Me. Punting. Wednesday. I need to show you the ropes.

A vibrant, young girl leapt into the room and pounced on the keyboard. She had startlingly dark blue eyes that seemed to inspect every inch of the room at once, peroxide-coloured hair that shimmered in the gentle moonlight peeking through the semi-opened curtain, and long, slim arms and legs that were almost concealed under the baggy hot pink dressing gown she had hastily whipped on. Underneath, her bronzed skin was bare.

This was Stephanie.

Stephanie Dante: Me? What? Didn’t you read the ‘how to look after your female celebrity’ handbook? Never take a star out to do something she’s never done before. It scares her witless.

Satisfied, Stephanie sat back. But it wasn’t long before another ‘bleep’ had her reaching for her keyboard.

Cian Lonsdale: Um…I think I left that book at your house…or in the bin…! You will come punting with me on Wednesday, won’t you, Stephy? I’ll be an especially good boy ;)

Stephanie laughed and instantly typed back:

Stephanie Dante: All right!  But if I get my hair wet, you’ll be in big trouble, mister!

It was not long before Cian’s reply filled up the girl’s screen. It was sharp-tongued (a good reflection of the man himself) and concise.

Cian Lonsdale: Get a pen. I’m gonna list the most important things you need to bring.

A light switched on in the five-bedroom-one swimming-pool-three-leisure-room-house and the place was brought alive.

The End

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