Chapter Sixteen: Breakthrough

**I'm thinking only one more chapter after this one... I may or may not change my mind. I'm super excited to start on book 3!! Stay tuned, faithful readers <3 this is told in the POV of Mizuki**

    My entire life seemed to flash before my eyes. Holding his body... holding what made my life worth living... I wasn't sure what to do. I laid him down peacefully, standing back.

"Sin! Get out here you worthless being!" I screamed, causing tears to flow faster down my face.

"Why're you so upset, Mizuki? I took care of the problem. You're not supposed to feel any emotion anyway! I took away all of that!" She snaked herself to where her face was in front of mine, black blood tying her torso to me.

"You see these?! These lines on my head? They make me remember! Apsel is my meister, and you took him from me!" I started to feel what seemed like rage inside me.

"Hey now, don't hate me. Arachne is the one who put me in here. I'm just following her demands!" Sin disappeared into my body once more.

     Arachne. I turned to run into Baba Yaga's Castle when a familiar voice pierced the air.

"Apsel! My son! What on deaths earth have you done?!" It was Maka, my heart sank.

"M-Ma-ka..." I turned around slowly, facing the troubled mother.

"He-He's... gone..." She dropped to her knees, the sandy pigtails on her head dropping in front of her face.

     Then, everyone else came out. Lord Kid, whom I now remembered as my father, my pregnant mother, Asmund, Willow, Ludka, and Soul. Soul sat down beside his wife and meister, trying his best to console her.

"Maka, sweetheart, I'm here for you." He whispered, rubbing her back as it jumped with sobs.

"Mizuki...tell me you didn't do this...please, tell me this wasn't you!" Maka's olive eyes were red from crying, and her nose sniffled.

     Unable to deal with the confrontations, I turned around and bolted inside of Baba Yaga's Castle. Despite the protests from my mother and father, my legs carried me onward. I was dead set on reaching Arachne, and settling this once and for all.

*Time Skip*

     I reached the top of the spiral staircase, and all that was separating me and Arachne was a large double door. I closed my eyes, mentally preparing myself for what was to come. I pushed open the doors, allowing the light from the huge windows to shine on me. Arachne was laying on her crimson bed, her black sleeves draped down. Mazoku was with her, asleep in her embrace.

"Yes, love? Is the task complete?" She gently lay Mazoku down on the silken pillows, walking over to me.

"You mean the heinous crimes I was to commit on my family?" I spat, walking to the side so she couldn't reach me.

"They're...still...alive?" Arachne gritted through her teeth, a frown growing on her face.

"It's murder, Arachne! Don't you understand?" I pleaded, taking advantage of the large circle room.

"You were given an order!" She screamed, sending a magick bolt directly at me.

     Mazoku lazily awoke, but snapped to when he noticed me laying on the cold floor. He rushed to my side, placing both hands on my arm.

"Get away from her, Mazoku. We have no room for insubordinate trash." Arachne placed a hand on her hip, staring at us both.

"But... she's my sister, Mother Gorgon." Mazoku turned to her, his black hair swaying lightly.

"And she disobeyed me directly!" She stomped on the ground, and Mazoku shuddered.

"Yes, Lady Arachne." He made his way to her with a zombie-like gait, standing at her side.

     I tried to get up off the floor, but to my surprise, Arachne had one of her hands out, and it was glowing with a black aura. The same aura was surrounding me, and I began to get curious.

"Sin is the only one of you two who has done any good today. I've no use for you anymore, insignificant filth." Arachne made her open hand a fist, and I felt multiple bones crack in my body.

     My screams filled the room, to which Mazoku clearly looked stressed, but wasn't able to do anything about it. I forced my neck to bend downwards so I could get a glance at the floor. My black blood was being puddled...every single bit being drained from my body. I watched helplessly as the blood formed into Sin, except not her falchion sword, Sin was becoming a full grown person. Just before the last bit of black blood was gone, the door to this room was kicked opened. My father, Spirit, Maka, Soul, and Willow burst in through the dust. Arachne dropped the spell, thus I fell back onto the floor.

"Foolish you are, Lord Kid. For I have already removed the black blood from Mizuki! Sin is her own being now!" Arachne stepped back, but still tried to be intimidating.

"Oh, I'm not worried about that. She'll need time to adjust and recharge, right? After all, she's never had more than an upper body before. You know damn right what I'm here for, Arachne." My father extended his hand, and Spirit transformed, his hilt landed in my father's palm.

     I started coughing rapidly, black blood spurting from my lips. I glanced at Sin, her long legs sprawled out on the floor, her long royal blue hair was drenched in some kind of fluid, and her arms were at her side. She looks so weird with a full body... I forced my mind to focus, blocking out excess thoughts. And then, my thoughts were gone. My mind was empty, and my body weightless. I wasn't controlling my actions...but I could hear and see everything.

     I saw that same blue aura surrounding my father, and the violet one began to show around me. Both my arms raised up, turning themselves into claymore blades. The blades had jagged edges, and each appeared to be drenched in some kind of magick or poison. My arms crossed themselves, and I felt a cool burst throughout me...a feeling that couldn't be mistaken for anything else...the final Line of Sanzu had been connected. Both the aura's surrounding me and my father burst, but he fell to the ground and dropped Spirit, whilst I still stood up.

"Twin Bladed Atrocity." The words flowed out of my mouth like someone sliding on silk, as the blades launched themselves from my hacking through Arachne, and the other slicing Mazoku.

"Mizuki! Lord Kid!" Spirit called, racing to my father as Soul did to me. The muffled cries of everyone growing more faint as my body slowly dropped and my vision turned to black.

*Time Skip*

     A solid beeping sound filled my ears, as my heavy eyelids lifted themselves open. As my body became more awake, I felt binds on my wrists and above my ankles, keeping me to the bed I was on. Lifting my head wasn't a problem, however. Glancing at my surroundings, my mind settled on the fact that I was in the infirmary. 

"And how're you feeling, Mistress Mizuki?" A tall, dark skinned woman poked half her body through the white curtains.

"N-Nygus...?" I asked groggily.

"Yep! You're back at the-" Nygus was cut off by a woman beginning to scream hysterically.

"Oh dear, seems like the Lady is ready." Nygus slipped out of the curtains, heading for the screaming woman on the other side of the curtains next to me.

     If Nygus was here, that must mean...I'm back at the DWMA. I undid the binds at my wrists with some manipulation magick, and used the remote to angle the bed, allowing me to sit in an upright position. The hysterical screams from across the curtain turned to grunting and heavy, followed by a male voice giving words of encouragement.

"Come on, love! You can do this!" He called to who I assumed was his wife.

     Soon, the yelling from the woman ceased and was replaced with a baby crying. Oh, someone just gave birth. Delightful. I shook my head, being only a little bit grossed out. I could see Nygus's body walking in front of the curtains, placing the baby down for a wash. The curtains to my bed parted, giving way to my father. My eyes widened, and I tried scrambling to him...only to stay bound to the bed.

"F-Father..." My lip began to quiver, and small teardrops streamed down my face.

"Hello, Mizuki." He sat down on the edge of my bed, undoing the bindings around my ankles. I crawled over to him, wrapping my arms around his torso.

     We sat like that for a few moments, his arm around me. I hadn't actually interacted with my father in so long...this was beautiful. Nygus parted the white curtains, a soft and happy look on her blue eyes.

"Lord Kid, Mistress Mizuki, would you like to see him?" Nygus left the curtains open, as my father assisted me in getting off the bed.

     My legs were bandaged heavily, making walking a challenge. One of my arms was in a splint, and I had a bandage wrapped around my head. My father instead carried me to the next section, which was behind even more curtains. A woman with deep violet hair lay sweaty on the bed, a blanket over her legs. Professor Stein was inserting needles into her arm, allowing fluid to flow into her veins. It was my mother.

"Ah, Mizuki. Back with us, I see. You're just in time to meet your brother." Stein smiled, which never happened so long as I had known him.

"M...My brother?" I stuttered, my eyes opening widely.

"Yes, you have a younger brother. He's a mixed soul like yours, too." Nygus spoke from behind me.

     My father turned around, allowing me to take in the sight of the plump baby in Nygus's arms. His tiny hands were on his cheeks, occasionally putting a finger or two in his mouth. He had extremely thin hair, to which I couldn't make out the colour. His deep brown eyes were almost black, and I was lost in them. I made my father set me down, but help me stand so I could look closer at my baby brother.

"H-Hi there b-baby brother..." I whispered, taking a finger and dragging it softly down his face.

"Mizuki, we should get you finished up here so you can be escorted home." Stated my father, picking me back up. I laid my head against his chest, sighing, as he carried me back into my bed.

     He opened the curtains so I could see my mother and baby brother as Nygus and Professor Stein gave my father my medicine, and helped me into a wheel chair. They replaced the splint my arm was in with a full on cast, as well as my left leg. They instead put a splint on my right leg, only bandaging it slightly. Soul and Maka walked in, their faces both dismal and depressing.

"Ah, Maka and Soul. Would you mind wheeling Mizuki to my manor? I must finished up here with Akemi, she's just given birth." Lord Kid turned to the pair, and they both nodded slightly.

     With no words spoken, Maka took a backpack with some things of mine, and Soul took the handles on my wheelchair. We exited the infirmary, my last sight was of my mother holding my baby brother.

     We made it out of the Academy, down the steps, and onto the streets of Death City. It was a rather warm day, not too cold or too hot. I smiled at people passing by, some returned the gesture. Maka and Soul were still silent, and I could only imagine how they felt. Their son is dead... at the hands of me... I felt my nose sting, giving me the signal I was about to cry.

"It's not your fault, so don't even begin to think that. We know it was Sin." Maka blurted out, startling Soul and I.

"Hey, Maka don't you th-"

"No, Soul. She needs to know we're not blaming her. Now let's get her home." Maka picked up the pace, her black and white boots hitting the pavement harshly.

     We arrived at Gallows Manor, and Soul rang the doorbell. The door opened to reveal Liz and Patty, still in their pajamas. Liz looked embarrassed, while Patty just giggled.

"Dude, it's like...noon." Soul stated, pushing me inside and turning the wheelchair so I faced the door.

"And?" Liz asked, raising an eyebrow.

"N-Nevermind. We'll see you tomorrow, you three." Soul waved and began to walk away, Maka just handed Patty my bag without so much as a glance.

     Patty made a bed of pillows on the couch, while Liz carefully placed me upon them. I was handed the TV remote, as the girls both took a seat in a recliner. I switched on the TV, right as a re-run of The Walking Dead showed. I yawned, then remembered something Soul had said before he left.

"Hey guys, what'd Soul mean by 'see you three tomorrow'?" I asked, not removing my eyes from the show.

"Oh, tomorrow's Apsel's funeral." Liz scratched her head awkwardly.

"'s sad..." Patty mumbled, laying her head back and watching the TV.

The End

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