Chapter Fifteen: Wasted Away By Dreaming

**I'm so sorry!!!! My computer kept resetting and erasing my work ;-; Anywho, here's chapter 15, told in the POV of Mizuki. Also, I've started concept on book 3 ;)**

    I continued to stare at my real mother, Akemi. She was breathing heavily, and upon further inspection I noticed her stomach bulging. She's pregnant, I thought to myself. This should be an easy fight...

"You'll learn of my power first hand. And when my work is complete, you will beg for mercy... and I will deny you. Your anguished cries will be the testament to my unbridled power!" I charged at her, forming sharp black crystals on my fists.

"Mizuki, think about this!" She brought up Asmund, my fists collided with his blade. 

     My boots skidded back on the dirt, as I raised my arms in front of my face. We exchanged glares for a few minutes longer, when I felt a fist smash into my spine. Sin hardened the black blood, saving me from a broken body. I whirred around, my fists covered in jagged crystal. 

"You're not the only one with new abilities, Mizuki." Apsel twirled his halberd, standing it up and smirking at me.

"What're...what're you saying?" At those words, electricity shot through my body as I was thrown rather forcefully to the side of Apsel and my mother.

"Dammit, Mizuki! We can't protect against direct soul wavelength hits like that! Come on, call me out so we can fight!" Sin formed herself from my back, tugging at my grey hair.

"F-Fine. Sin, falchion form!" I propped myself up on one arm, reaching the other hand out to catch Sin.

     Apsel was standing next to my mother, they both were in fighting stance, waiting for me to make the next move... I shot up, my body still struggling from Apsel's soul wavelength attack. I heard rustling to my right, and quickly shifted my body. Lord Kid ran hastily over to my mother, assisting her in standing. I scoffed, slowly pacing towards the three.

"Oh, dearest mother, why would you fight when you're carrying precious cargo? You were always so careless. And Lord Kid, unable to fight because neither your pistols or Death Scythe are here. Tsk, tsk, tsk." I giggled, the sheer hilarity of the moment was getting to me.

     Akemi took Apsel by the arm and began to run into the forest. As curious as I was, my mind was more focused on why Lord Kid had stayed but they ran. I placed myself in battle stance, ready to charge at him. Right as my boot lifted off the ground, someone came bursting from behind him. I fell face first on the ground, winning a laugh from Sin.

"Lord Kid! My most sincere apologies! I was guarding th-"

"Save it, Spirit. Transform now. We'll discuss this later." Lord Kid's golden eyes burning with anger and determination.

"Y-Yes sir." Spirit stammered, hurriedly morphing his body into the sleek black scythe.

     Collecting myself from the fall, I stared right back at Lord Kid, not wanting to break my gaze. Instead, the pattern in my eyes glowed a strong violet, pulsating their energy. The energy from my eyes began to glow on Sin's blade, causing her to quadruple in size. Her black and gold blade was longer and wider, yet not harder to wield. I smiled wickedly, watching Spirit and Lord Kid perform soul resonance. I rose Sin with one arm, using my other hand to help steady my raised arm. Their soul resonance stopped, and Spirit was now a blade glowing of multiple colours, his energy practically dripping form his blade.

"Witch Hunter!" Lord Kid cried, bringing Spirit's dazzling scythe blade down on the ground, sending the attack barreling for me.

"Oh, I don't think so!" I placed Sin's newer form on the Witch Hunter energy, sending my body flying across the wave.

     Sin's sharp edge landed right at the tip of the cross on Spirit's scythe form. The red headed man's face appeared on his blade, screaming in pain as blood dripped from his skull. Smiling in satisfaction, I kicked myself off Lord Kid's head and landed behind him.

"You think I'm defeated so easily? You're pathetic!" I cried, dissolving Sin back into my body.

"Oh no, I'm only trying to make you remember." Lord Kid rushed towards me. Spirit jumped up behind me, holding my arms back but struggling to do so.

     Lord Kid slammed his forehead against mine. If it weren't for the outright impact that caused me pain, it was the burning and tingling phenomenon that occurred on the side of my head. Different aura's surrounded Lord Kid and I. Blue began to surround him, and purple wove around me. Our bodies were separated, and Spirit was cast aside to watch. We were lifted ever so slightly in the air, and I watched as his second Line of Sanzu connected, giving off blue flame. I could only assume that my second one connected as well, because my peripheral vision picked up on purple fire dipping downwards from my skull.

     Our bodies were tossed to the grown harshly, even though we weren't suspended that high. My last sight was that of Spirit dashed to his meisters side, picking up his body and heading for the woods.

*Time Skip*

     Who knows how long I'd been passed out. I'm shocked that my body is still where it was. Hell, I'm even more surprised that Sin didn't try to wake me up. I coughed a grand amount of times, forcing my shaken body to stand.

"Mizuki! Your second line connected! On the downside, your body is so heavily damaged that another direct hit from anyone's wavelength will kill you." Sin's royal blue hair swayed against my shoulders, feeling my skin through the torn fabric of my clothes.

"This can't be where the battle ends, Sin. Call me crazy, but this whole battle feels like a dream. Almost too surreal..." I patted her head, as she rested it on my shoulder.

"Crazy." She mumbled, disappearing into my back.

     I wiped my distraught face of sweat, peering off at the nearby treeline. A voice was whispering, and I focused harder. A tall, lanky boy appeared from the trees. A shorter, blonde woman with short hair followed close by.

"Mizuki. Remember me?" The chocolate colour haired boy asked, his broad smile teeming with pain.

"Apsel Hildbrand, my meister." I whispered, bringing a hand through my hair. The boy brought a hand to his mouth, trying to hold back tears.

"Y-Yo-You re-remember m-me..." He fell to his knees, sobbing quietly.

"I-I remember, but at the same time I don't...Your name is Apsel, you're my meister...but what's missing...?" I walked over to him, the blonde girl walking closer.

"It's okay, Ludka...just give us a minute..." Apsel threw his arms around me, pulling me in for a hug. Ludka nodded, stepping back.

     I sat there, my body leaned up against his, for who knows how long. Again, the feeling of serenity washed over me. Almost as if every feeling of rage was gone. Every hint of madness. I felt my black blood stirring, but pushed the thought aside. I sat across from Apsel on the ground, his puffy green eyes still overtaken with emotion. The longer parts of his bangs were stuck to his face with tears, to which I brushed away for him.

"W-What all exactly do you remember?" He asked, sniffling.

"Not much, Apsel. I feel...calmer, now." I tried to concentrate on the moment at hand, but my brain refused to stay.

     Apsel talked about him and I's past, since that was one of the topics that my mind was struggling to remember. He discussed our first sandcastle on the beach, to the time where he says I snuck a salamander under Maka's pillow during one of our sleepovers. He talked about more recent events, such as the first time he wielded me, and our soul resonance attempt. The event I kept at the front of my mind since he started talking about it, was the day I met him when Maka and Soul adopted him.

"You were full of enthusiasm. When we actually hung out for the first time, like just the both of us, you told me about how everyone was mean to you and that you had no friends. When you told me that, I've done everything in my power to never upset you, or never hurt you. It's like even though I see myself as the one who has to bring light and hope into your world, you fill mine with constant happiness. Even in hard times." Apsel turned to the ground, his face a blushing pink. 

     I leaned forward, placing my right hand on his cheek to bring it up. Our eyes locked, and his blush became more prominent. I took my hand back, only to have it caught by his. He intertwined his fingers in mine, his lips parting to speak, being interrupted by sin.

"Your pitiful act won't work! I speak for her! You're a damned waste of space!" Sin morphed her arm into the falchion sword, plunging it all the way through Apsel's chest, his eyes widening, tears beginning to drip. 

"Aps-Apsel!" I wailed, my voice cracking on multiple levels. I stumbled behind him, catching his body in my arms as Sin ruthlessly tore the blade out, disappearing back into me.

     This was something I had not felt since before I became who I am now. Emotion. Everything felt so foreign, that I had forgotten their names. I believe this was...sadness? Depression? Despair? Whichever it was, my body didn't know how to handle it. Salty, stinging teardrops cascaded down my pale face, onto the shirt of the bloody boy in my arms. My tear puddled mixed with that of the growing pool of crimson as I held him closer to me.

"Apsel! Apsel! Please, stay with me!" I pleaded, his body was rapidly dropping in temperature.

"Mi-Miz-Mizuki..." He barely managed, sending his body into a coughing fit.

"Yes, what is it, Apsel? I'm here...I'm here..." I whispered, my hands now shaking from shock.

"M-Mizuk-i-i...Mizuki Death...t-there's one th-thing I ne-need to tell y-you..." Blood began to teem from Apsel's mouth, which I futilely tried to wipe away. Ludka bolted off into the woods, I assume to get help.

"Whatever you need, darling. I'm here, I'll always be here." I tightened my grip on his body, holding it against me so that his head lay on my left shoulder.

"Yo-You were my f-first..." I felt his heart slowing down.

"First? First what? Apsel, Tell me!" I cried into his shirt more.

"" Apsel let out his last breath.

     It was then, that every ounce of life drained out of the boy. I looked at my hands, crimson stained their once clean surface. I allowed his now lifeless body to slump against me, pushing me to lean backwards. I wrapped my arms once more around him, embracing the body of my meister for one final time.

The End

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