Chapter Thirteen: Rallying Cry

**Author-chan here! Sorry about how quick last chapter went. I wrote it when I was super tired. This chapter will be told in the POV of Apsel! Happy reading!!** 

     Static filled the air around me. Occasional voices got caught in the air like someone walking through muddy water. My throat allowed a groan to escape my lips, to which a cool hand was placed on my forehead.

"Apsel, are you with us?" A voice I recognized as Nygus asked me.

"M-Mizuk-i..." I stammered, sending my body into a stammering cough.

"Easy now, soldier. You're not fit for combat just yet. Your stitches are practically fresh." She placed one of those plastic things over my mouth and nose, slowing my cough into nothing.

     The door burst open to reveal my mother, Maka, heaving and wiping her hair back. She walked over to the end of my bed, smiling even though tears streamed her face.

"Don't you ever go on a mission like that again! Even with a Death Scythe!" My mother gripped her hands on the metal rail.

"Mrs. Evans, if you could please step outside the curtain. I have to bandage him up. He'll need assistance walking, so just stay out there." Nygus let her gentle blue eyes rest on my mother, whose displeasure was obvious. She sluggishly disappeared behind the curtain, pulling it shut.

     Nygus placed a pillow behind my back, helping me sit up. She took off the blankets, and I got a good look at my torso. My skin was pulled together where the wound had been, the black stitches buckling up the ruined flesh. Blood was still caked in some areas, and the orange colour of iodine was stained to the surrounding stitching for a while. I felt tears sting my face as Nygus wrapped the tight medical bandages around my torso, the stitches pushing into my stomach.

"Change these before you go to bed and when you wake up. No need for an infection, right?" I nodded, my body still in pain. Nygus called in Maka, and she took my arm.

"Thank you, Nygus. We'll be back for a check-up here soon!" Maka helped me out of the infirmary and into the Academy halls. Students walked by, some stared.

     We passed by Class Crescent Moon, which caused me to raise an eyebrow.

"What're you doing, mom? Class is back there." At first, my question was ignored. But then I was scooped up in her arms and she replied to me.

"No way in hell I'm letting you sit in a classroom. You're going to Lord Kid immediately." She picked up the pace, opening the Death Room door with one arm and carrying me through.

     All of the technology that I had seen 2 days ago was still up, except there were more monitors with pictures... from the battle? How on deaths green earth were those pictures taken? I noticed Ludka sitting in what looked like a dentist chair, except it was black and had armrests. Several little chords were attached to her head with little white pads. A heart monitor beeped steadily nearby her.

"Mom! Let me go!" I wiggled out of her grasp, limping harshly with a hand over my stomach.

"Ludka, Ludka! What's the matter??" I stumbled towards her, gaining the attention of Lord Death The Kid and a few other Death Scythes.

"Oi, Apsel. There's no need to worry 'bout your Death Scythe here. We're just uploading her memories to these monitors to see pictures of Mizuki and the castle she is being harbored in." Katharina swiped through different images on a tablet.

"Wait, you're uploading her...memories?" I was utterly stumped, and so was my mother.

"Yes, that's one of her special abilities she gained once her meister turned her into a Death Scythe. She has a literal photographic memory. Everything she has done in her life since the transformation can be viewed as a snapshot, per say." My eyes shifted to the Austrian woman, her red curls swaying as she turned her head.

     My eyes teared up as I watched the images sail by. The madness radiating from her once unique eyes. The Lines of Sanzu were now on her head, placing themselves gracefully on her grey hair. Lord Kid rushed over, tearing the tablet from Katharina's hands.

"Make the picture go back. I want to zoom in on her hair." He ordered, fiddling with the tablet and returning to the still of Mizuki when I had first found her.

"What is it, Lord Kid?" Maka asked, walking to his side.

"Her lines... One's connected..." He stuttered, handing the tablet back to Katharina.

"Aye, my Lord, what's the trouble about a line connectin'?" The Irish Death Scythe Kier questioned.

"The pains I've been having? My random pass-out spells? It's because of those lines. If all of those are connected..." Lord Kid gripped his head with one hand, and began scratching furiously.

"If all 3 Lines of Sanzu are connected, Mizuki not only gains the full power of a shinigami such as her father, but all her memories are returned to her. The overflow of power to both her and her father comes at a prince... One of them perishes." Willow stepped in from the guillotined hallway, brushing hair behind her ears.

     We all stood, dumbfounded at the information poured upon us. I took another glance back at Ludka, whose heart monitor was the only form of sound in this ominous feeling room. I coughed, trying to relieve some of the tension.

"C-Can I go home now, mom? I'm not feeling well." I rubbed at my bandages, to which she quickly picked me up, and took a look at the people around her.

"Lord Kid, are we still going with the plan for Apsel?" My ears perked up at her words, curious as to what they meant.

"Yes. Drop him off at the manor. Akemi will be there." Lord Kid started whispering to the Death Scythes, and my mother took me out of the Death Room.

*Time Skip*

     Gallows Manor was just as dismal as it always had been. My mother set me down, and I wrapped my arms around her waist for support. She rang the door bell, and was greeted with Liz.

"Hey, Maka. I see Apsel's with you. What's up?" She propped herself upon the door frame.

"Just dropping off Apsel while Soul and I do training in Sweden. I trust Lord Kid told you?" This was a surprise, I didn't know my mother was going to Sweden. 

"You betcha. Patty is off somewhere for now with her friends. So she won't be back for a few days. So it's no pro-"

"Liz?! Who is that?!" A female voice cried from inside the manor.

"Just Maka, Lady Akemi! Hey, thanks for dropping him off. I'll see you later." Liz took me by the shoulders, and I gave my mom one final hug.

     Liz guided me up to a room 3 doors down from the top of the stairs. She explained that Akemi needed tending to, so I was left to explore the gargantuan room I was left to. Everything was left neat and perfectly symmetrical. Of course, I'm in the personal manor of Lord Kid... what else should I expect? I looked around on the walls, where you could tell fresh paint covered up old decal lines. I looked closer to one that was near the closet.

"M...I...Z...U...K...I..." I said the letters aloud, then it clicked what it spelled out. Mizuki. I was staying in her old room. My heart seemed to stop, and I took a now more detailed look around her room.

     A laptop that was gathering dust sat on the bed, still plugged in. Wow, they really didn't touch anything except the walls... I carefully sat on the bed, aware of my sutures. I clicked on the laptop, and the log-in screen flashed up. It called for a password under the username: MistressOfTheImpala67. I chuckled, Mizuki loved her pop culture.

"Let's see. The password is... Carryonwaywardweapon." I said to myself, carefully typing in each letter.

     The log-in screen faded, and I was greeted with her wallpaper. A picture of Misha Collins I could've gone my whole life without seeing made its presence known to my eyeballs. Does this place have bleach I could use...? I skimmed her desktop out of curiosity, trying to ignore the wallpaper. I came across a curious document, which was entitled "Dreams of the Spider Lady". I attempted to double click it, but the bedroom door opened and I slammed the laptop lid shut.

"Uh, uhm, yes?" I asked to whomever had opened the door.

"Yeah, Apsel? Lady Akemi wants to go to Death Cafe for dinner. That cool?" The embarrassing interruption was fault of Liz.

" any clothes I can borrow?" I asked embarrassed, realizing all I had were my scrubs from the infirmary. 

"Check the closet. Mizuki didn't have a lot of chick clothes." Liz shut the door, and I winced trying to get off the bed. Once I had opened the wardrobe doors, my jaw metaphorically hit the floor.

     Of course the Daughter Of Death would have so many clothes. She's her father's only child, and is the girl. So of course she gets spoiled. I picked through several shirts, passing over the ones that even gave off the slightest look of femininity. Picking out a World of Warcraft shirt and dark wash baggy jeans, I changed and walked downstairs.

"Oh, so nice to see you, Apsel. I heard what happened... I'm ashamed of her and I can't apologize enough." Lady Akemi turned around, her bulging torso looking like it could pull her to the ground. She was pregnant.

"L-Lady Ak-Akemi..." I stuttered, my body in shock.

"Ah, yes. This is why I've not been at the Academy, and why Asmund has been off on assigned leave in Normandy. He's doing specialized training, and I'm here carrying this little one around." She gracefully rubbed a hand on her baby belly, smiling as she did so.

"Lady Akemi, are you ready?" Liz hopped down the stairs, obviously not phased by the look of Lord Kid's wife.

"What? I've seen it before. Patty and I have been stationed here to take care of her until the due date." Liz grabbed the keys, stuffing them in her jacket pocket.

     We headed out to Death Cafe, me still left in the dark about almost everything.

     The walk to Death Cafe seemed longer than normal. And that wasn't just because I almost passed out from pain, or that Lady Akemi was having Braxton Hicks. Well, I lied, it's why the walk took longer. Once we arrived, the waiters sat us at a special table up on the top balcony, which overlooked the city. Lady Akemi tied her hair up in a ponytail, to keep it out of her sickness should she feel the need to.

     I kept staring at the Lady, my mind buzzing like a disturbed beehive. She must've noticed, because next thing I knew she had engaged conversation with me.

"Apsel? Are you troubled?" She asked, furrowing her brows in concern.

"N-No, my Lady. I'm just curious about the baby." Her frown spread to a smile, and she giggled happily. Liz hid herself behind a menu.

"All I know for now is that he's a boy. And I can't wait to meet him. I never thought I'd have another child after...-" She was interrupted by a waitress bringing us our orders which we had placed when we walked in.

     We were all three chattering away. By all three, I mean it was mostly Liz and Lady Akemi, who were discussing nursery plans. I tuned out the girly conversation, and began eavesdropping on others next to us. These were two students from the Academy, I could tell by the way they were speaking. I listened closer, hoping to hear more details.

"Is Lord Kid out of his mind? Who would take on such a bounty! That witch freak Mizuki already put a freaking DEATH SCYTHE out of commission. What do you think she could do to us?!" One whispered to the other, he sounded frightened.

"It's simple. Lord Kid ordered her execution, and I'm sure she wouldn't be missed much. I mean, we only really need to watch out for that Demon Sword that's inside her, right? It'll be just like when we learned about Ragnarok and Crona. Come on, Miles. We've got a bounty to fulfill." The woman who I assumed was the meister, spoke. The couple left the restaurant, heading for what I assumed was Baba Yaga's Castle. To kill Mizuki.

     Me, Liz, and Lady Akemi headed back to the manor. I changed my bandages in the bathroom that was connected to Mizuki's room, and curled back into the bed with my boxers on. I set her laptop on the nightstand, closing the lid. My eyelids slammed shut, the peaceful comatose feeling of sleep enveloping my soul.

The End

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