Chapter Twelve: On The Verge Of Sin

**Author here! The hunt is on, ladies and gentlemen. How'd you like the intro of 6 different Death Scythes? Anyhow, enjoy! This chapter is told in the POV of Mizuki.** 

    Once I had made it back to Baba Yaga's Castle, I decided to hang out on the outside of the castle. My first hunt was over, and although I didn't quite understand what was happening, the excitement and blood rushing energy was amazing. I thought weapons were only supposed to eat the red souls? Arachne said to eat the blue ones, so I guess it was okay if she said it. There was a camera nestled inside this bushel of leaves, and it scared me so I knocked it down.

     I leaped on top of a fallen down tree, my grey locks swishing against my shoulders. Allowing my legs to swing, I tried once again to think back to my past days, but my brain allowed nothing of the sorts. I sighed, attempting to change my arm into the claymore, but instead, was greeted with the blade of a scythe. It's obsidian blade with gold trim stared back at me, my reflection casting itself.

"Mizuki! Come inside, dear. We've got visitors approaching." Arachne called.

"Sure thing, Mother Gorgon." I hopped off the trunk, chasing down who my mind wanted to call my mother.

     I followed Mother Gorgon into a room surrounded by small monitors, with a large chair in the middle. The chair spun around, giving way to Mosquito's tiny body.

"Lady Arachne, the infiltrators appear to be from the Academy. Shall I pull them up on screen?" Mosquito spun the chair back around, facing the many monitors lighting this dim room.

"Yes, Mosquito." Arachne pulled out her black fan, covering her lips and nose.

     Another screen extended from death knows where, static only showed at first on its slightly cracked cover. Then, the image cleared. A boy with chocolate brown hair carried a blue and white halberd in his hands. He looked worried... I wonder why that was?

"Mother Gorgon, who is that?" I pointed towards the screen, but got my hand slapped away.

"They're here to hurt you, Mizuki. They're here to hurt you and your brother Mazoku." I gasped, stepping back slightly.

"W-Wh-What shall we do?! I can't let them hurt us!" I cried out, making my hands into fists.

"Stop them, Mizuki. They mustn't infiltrate the castle." Mother Gorgon laid her hand on my shoulder, as my eyes widened.

"Lady Arachne, they're just outside Baba Yaga's. They're almost on our grounds." Mosquito informed us, his face still eyeing the multiple monitors.

"Mizuki, go out there and defend your territory. Defend this castle, defend Mazoku and I, with your very life." I left her grasp, my legs pushing me to go outside as I ran faster.

     The sun filtered through the forest trees, making a pattern on the dirt ground. I kicked at a rock, waiting for these people to show up so I could make them regret setting foot here. Maybe they'll just leave. I don't feel like fighting anymore today... A branch snapped, and my head cocked upwards.

"M-Mizuki...? Are you here?" I heard a voice whisper.

     Soon, that boy that I had seen on the screen just a moment ago emerged, his halberd in hand. He let go of the weapon, and it changed back into its human form. They both caught sight of me, and the boy ran towards me with his arms open.

"It's you! It's really you!" He wrapped his arms around me, sobbing into my shoulder.

"Eh? Who the hell are you?" I spat, pushing the boy off me.

"Y-You don't re-remember your meister...?" He sniffled, wiping his eyes.

"I've never had a meister before. You must be confused." He profusely explained that his name was Apsel, but it doesn't ring a bell.

"Apsel, remember. She's obviously been altered in some way by The Heretic Witch." The short blonde woman explained to Apsel.

"There's only one way, Ludka. Transform." He ordered who I now knew as Ludka, and soon she was once again the halberd.

     Apsel took a step back, and ran at me full force. I felt the halberd attempt to pierce my stomach, but the black blood hardened, stopping its progression.

"Oh no... you shouldn't have done that..." I chuckled in a maniacal manner.

     The pair were taken aback, I raised a hand, sending them both firing backwards into a tree. I transformed my arm into the scythe blade, and charged rapidly. I tried going for Apsel's neck, but he raised Ludka in defense. He threw me back, but I landed on my feet.

"Mizuki, try to remember!" He cried, spinning the halberd to block my attacks.

"I don't need to remember! I just need my mother and my brother!" I slung out multiple shadow bolts, which knocked Ludka out of Apsel's hands.

     Stumbling for his weapon, Apsel slipped onto the ground. I kicked Ludka away further, as she tried yelling for the boy I now had by the collar. My right arm lined his neck, and I drug the scythe blade along it gently. A slow line of crimson began to drip, as I grinned wickedly. Raising the blade up, I readied myself for the final blow. I felt my heart skipping beats, and I fell on my back to the dirt ground.

"Mizuki? What's going on?" Apsel called to me, as my body lay in seizes.

"Apsel! Stop. She's having a blood rejection of some sorts." Ludka held him back.

     I screamed, each time I increased the volume. My earsplitting cries filling the forest around me. My body was thrown in a standing upright position, the black robe I was wearing was now just shredded fabric. I gripped my skull with my clammy hands, pulling at my hair. My screams wouldn't stop, no matter how hard I pleaded with myself. My body was thrown over in a hunch, as I felt my back burst open.

     Black blood sprayed out in every angle from my back, bending and weaving itself into something. Soon, my screams finally stopped. I was left in cold sweats and a shaky body. I felt two hands on my shoulders, and long hair scrape passed my neck.

"Hello, my name is Sin. The Demon Sword, Sin." Her voice was like velvet, but chilled me to my core.

"S-So...that's what Spirit w-was warning us ab-about..." Apsel stuttered, his lip quivering.

"This is the new Demon Sword, and it's been implanted inside Mizuki..." Ludka stepped back, her blue eyes filled with fear.

"Mizuki, remember what Mother Gorgon told us?" Sin rest her head on mine.

"Y-Yeah...defend this place and my family with my life." I responded, Sin's and I's souls were already linked.

"So, what're you waiting for? Let's get this party started." Sin wove herself into the exact look of the scythe I had seen my arm as not too long ago, landing perfectly in my hand. She, however, was a falchion sword.

     I didn't give Apsel a chance to command Ludka to transform, I went for her first. Sin's blade sliced effortlessly through her shoulder, leaving her twitching in pain on the ground. 

"You guys are way too easy. Make this fun, why don't you? I'm getting bored." I asked aloud, turning my body towards Apsel and charging.

"Mizuki! Stop! This isn't you! Please, just listen to me!" Apsel pleaded for his life, crying and stumbling backwards.

"Why? Why are you so ignorant? Why would you waste energy on something as pitiful as begging for your life? Those people in the village were a lot easier to shut up." I twirled Sin, her golden hilt spinning around my palm.

     I dug my blade into Apsel's stomach, the satisfying crunch of bones filling the air. I smiled, his shirt growing to a darker shade as the blood seeped through the fabric. 

"Pathetic." I whispered, pulling out my sword and watching his body fall to the earth.

*Time Skip*

     The smell of perfume drifted to my nose as my eyes flickered open. Pink lights shone down on me, giving me the impression I was in my mothers bed. The sound of heels drew closer as I sat upright.

"Mizuki, love. You're awake. I wanted to congratulate you on your victory over the intruders. I've brought you something." A guard walked in front of my mother, a bowl of bubbly blue souls was placed in front of me.

"Th-Thank you, Mother Gorgon..." I whispered, and eagerly inhaled the souls.

"Here, darling. Watch the television, there's something I would like you to see." Mother Gorgon sat beside me, the satin sheets sinking down into the soft bed.

     A television in the room switched on, displaying the face of some red headed man with a black tux and grey undershirt, an inverted cross for a tie.

"With a heavy heart, the Death family has ordered the execution of Mizuki Gorgon, The Heretic Daughter. Anyone willing to take on this bounty should report to the Death Room at the DWMA as soon as possible. She is no longer Mizuki Death, she has placed a Death Scythe and her former meister in critical condition. She is conspiring with Arachne, who has also created a new Kishin. To make matters worse, The Demon Sword Sin has arisen inside Mizuki. This has been a direct message from the Death Room. I'm Spirit Albarn." The television cut off, returning the screen to black.

     I brushed my hair back, slumping my body. I cuddled into Mother Gorgon, sniffling.

"It's okay, love. Mazoku will help you the next time more people come. Plus, you've got Sin." My mother brushed my hair back, shushing my sniffling.

     Mother Gorgon and I walked back to my room, as the grunts of Arachnophobia cheered at me as I walked by. Even with all of this praise, I couldn't help but feel saddened inside. My mother closed the door to my room, and Sin emerged from my back.

"Aye? What's wrong with you? We totally kicked ass!" Sin gave me a noogie, to which I cried into a pillow.

"Sin, why do I hurt like this inside? I feel empty and depressed. But I can't remember..." I got up from my bed and walked towards the mirror.

"You're no fun! Go to bed, maybe you'll be better in the morning." Sin disappeared into my back, the last thing to go was her royal blue hair.

     changing into silk pajamas, I glanced at myself in the mirror. My purple spiderweb eyes appeared soulless, their droopy nature prominent. I walked closer to the mirror, noticing one Line of Sanzu had been fully connected.

The End

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