Chapter Eleven: The Girl Who Would Be Queen

**Hey, guys. Author here. I hope you're enjoying the story so far :). This will be like book 1, where the POV shifts to get a view of other characters as an event is going on while another character is away. This is in the POV of Apsel! Toodaloo, readers~!**

     I was awoken by a panicked Maka, who was shaking me by my shoulders. She's so lucky I'm feeling mostly better... When my eyes opened, I could tell there were tears in her eyes. 

"Mom, what's up? It's only 6:40..." I drowsily spoke, rubbing my eyes.

"It's Mizuki! She's not here! I called Kid and he says she's not at the manor either!" Maka ran out of my room, throwing on her black long coat.

"Come on, Apsel. Soul is already at the Academy in the Death Room." It took a minute for her words to process in my brain, but as soon as they clicked, I had changed clothes and thrown some shoes on.

     My mother and I were bolting to the Academy when we noticed a bunch of kids outside, with the doors locked. I climbed on a nearby pillar, latching my legs around it and leaning out so I could see everyone. Inside the school, I noticed all of the Death Scythes from around the world were hooking up televisions, some 4 at a time in various spots. My mom unlocked the door, and the kids began filing in. She looked pressured trying to direct the traffic, so I helped her out.

"Everyone head to your respected class rooms! This is an emergency! Do not hesitate, go to your class and stay there!" I repeated as different faces passed by me.

     I hopped down from the pillar I was fixated on, my mocha locks bouncing against my skin as I trailed my mother and the last remaining students into the Academy.

"Apsel, I'm sure you know the gravity of this situation. Go straight to Stein's class. Do not leave until ordered to do so." My mother placed a kiss on my forehead and headed for what I assumed was the Death Room.

     Mizuki, you picked a hell of a day to go missing. I thought to myself, my kicks squeaking against the tile floor as I picked up the pace to Class Crescent Moon. Stein was finishing up the installation on the television tower, which had 6 TV's, all at different angles so the whole class could see what they were going to project.

"Alright, class. We have an urgent announcement from Lord Death The Kid. His daughter is missing, and he believes the situation to be more dire than even that. Please keep your eyes glued to the screen." Stein sat backwards in his rolley-chair, placing his arms on the back.

     People murmured silently in the room as the TV cut to static, then an image of the Death Room appeared, presenting Lord Kid. His golden orbs had sorrow swimming vigorously in them, as he dead eyed the screen. Finally, he cleared his throat and began speaking.

"Attention: All Academy students and faculty. I have with me the 6 best Death Scythes from all over the globe. The reason I have summoned them, and the reason you are all currently seeing this, is because my daughter has disappeared. We believe she has gone to The Heretic Witch, Arachne." The whole class gasped, since we had just finished talking about Arachnophobia.

"We are unable to locate Baba Yaga Castle as of right now, but with the assistance of my Death Scythes, we will see the return of a girl beloved by the ones that matter. From now until this mission is a success, all classes will be working on how to combat powerful witches and multiple opponents. Also, how to link resonance rates. Faculty, I ask that you keep these television towers up and on at all times. New information will be reported promptly." My mind was spinning as Lord Kid took a break to clear his throat.

"One last thing. Apsel Hildbrand, report to the Death Room." Everyone turned and looked up at me with curious and worried looks.

     I immediately bolted out of my seat and down the stairs, not paying Stein a second glance. I stopped a few hallways before the turn to the Death Room to catch my breath, and my legs had just so happen to stop in front of a large window overlooking the city. Dark clouds loomed over us, when I heard a distant rumble of thunder. I once again picked up the pace to the Death Room, and eventually found the large black door with a silver trim.

     The guillotines only added to the ominous mood put forth by the events of this day. My ears picked up on mixed voices as I neared the platform my father and the others stood upon. Everybody turned and looked at me simultaneously, and I felt my face run red.

"Ah, Apsel. I have a proposition for you." Lord Kid spoke, sticking his hands in his pockets.

"And what is that?" I responded, walking closer to him.

     I watched as one of the female Death Scythes switched off all the electronics except for the large screen which contained a map of the world. The other Death Scythes stood in a line behind Lord Kid as the female returned to it. 

"Since your weapon is my daughter, I would like for you to pick out a Death Scythe to use currently. Death Scythes, please introduce yourselves." Lord Death The Kid stepped aside, revealing the 6 figures.

"Hiya, I'm Ludka Jarosl. I'm in charge of Poland. My weapon specialty is that I'm a halberd." The serious yet chill female with pixie cut blonde hair and blue eyes spoke, waving at me.

"Seymour Sylvain. I'm from the France division of the DWMA, and my weapon specialty is being a machete." The cool male swung his light brown hair to the side, smiling.

"I am Katharina Emerett, from Austria. I have the abilities of the katana and kusarigama." Her accent was thick, but her bouncing red curls and bubbly smile eased me a little bit.

"Kier Fergus, here. I'm a dwarven battle mace." The skinny male pushed his glasses up on his nose.

"I'm the piece of work known around here as Willow. Willow Trilby. I'm the only actual scythe here. I'm a twin scythe." The English girl was my favorite so far. I like this one.

"As the last one to introduce, I suppose I should make an impression. I'm Reginald Hann, Representative of Germany. I have the weapon specialty of the flame sword." He bowed, once again standing in his line.

     With all these choices in front of me, I wasn't sure who to choose. I switched my gaze in-between everyone, not staring at someone for too long. Lord Kid came beside me, placing a hand on my shoulder.

"These are the top Death Scythes in the world, their soul is compatible with anyone. And don't worry about making the others feel bad if you don't choose them, everyone has a crucial job should they not get chosen." Lord Kid removed his hand, staring at the 6 people in front of us.

"I-I ch-choose..." I stammered, closing my eyes and waving my hand around. I let my soul guide my hand towards the one it felt most compatible with.

"Ludka." I decided, opening my eyes and smiling at the Polish woman. She hopped over to me happily, her short body taking small strides.

     I noticed the absence of Liz and Patty, but shrugged it off and high-fived my temporary partner. Lord Kid smirked at us both, before telling the rest of the Death Scythes to return to their duties. I walked around, looking at all the technology that Lord Kid had set up in here. I took a moment to look at the large digital map that Willow was stationed at. She noticed my curiosity and began to explain.

"These spider icons mark where we've seen Arachnophobia sprout up in the past. Unfortunately, they work very diligently at masking their location. Right now, we believe them to be in the states somewhere. North of here, I assume." Willow stuck a pen cap in her mouth and returned to the work.

     I sat down on the edge of the platform, allowing my legs to swing. I looked around at the little white clouds drifting slowly and endlessly along the ground. The light blue background of the Death Room lightened up the situation a little bit. The sound of buzzing, beeping, and other technical sounds filled the air along with small conversations every now and then as the Death Scythes and Lord Kid worked their tails off to find Baba Yaga's Castle. Their work, however, was interrupted when Spirit barged into the Death Room.

"Lord Kid! We have word that the Demon Sword Sin is about to surface! And look, if you will, to the monitor that has footage from Oregon. I don't think you'll like what you see." Spirit ran over to the screen, switching it on. 

     What we all saw will surely haunt us for years to come. There stood Mizuki, or what remained of her. Her once long, flowing hair, was cut to her shoulders and had turned silverish-grey. Her Lines of Sanzu were on her head, and now a pitch black. The eyes I had fallen in love with, were an eerie pattern of a spiders web in violet. All she did was grin, and then the camera fell and the screen cut to static.

", at least we have a lead. Willow, get right to searching Oregon villages for mass disappearances and or deaths. Katharina, research the Demon Sword Sin. The rest of you, continue what you were doing. Apsel and Ludka, I want you to go after Mizuki." Lord Kid turned his back, obviously pained by what he just saw.

     Ludka and I stared at each other, before shrugging and walking out of the Death Room. Once we got outside the Academy, the rain began to trickle from the sky, the clouds unable to bear the burden of the waters weight.

"Come on, let's go to my parents apartment. We can each pack a bag for the trip." I glanced down at Ludka, her blue eyes staring out at the city.

"Yes, good idea, Apsel." She replied, and we made our way to my apartment.

*Time Skip*

     We arrived at my apartment, and I hunted down 2 bags from the hall closet. Tossing one to Ludka, I explained that there were plenty snacks and bottles of water to bring along that wouldn't get harmed by the conditions of the climate. I also gave her permission to borrow some of my mothers clothes. As I was changing into more suitable attire for lots of hiking, lightning struck near the Academy. My gaze softened and I sighed, knowing Mizuki doesn't like storms.

"Oi, Apsel! I'm all done. Ready when you are." Ludka called to me from the living room. I finished packing, and threw my bag on my back.

"Alright, then. Let's head for Oregon." I rubbed my hands together and we began our walk outside again.

     The rain had picked up, and the streets were filled with people rushing inside buildings and putting whatever they had over their heads to prevent them from getting soaked. I groaned, realizing we'd be walking in this for a good while. Ludka laughed, and I looked down at her to see what for.

"Aye, what's so funny?" I asked, shaking the water out of my hair.

"All Death Scythes have secret abilities. That's what makes us unique. C'mere." She placed her hands on my arms and closed her eyes.

"This should put us somewhere inside Oregon, relatively close to where we saw your weapon." And as she spoke, our bodies were enveloped with an orange light.

     I opened my eyes to indeed find we were not in Death City anymore, but in the middle of the most serene forest I've ever been in. My body continued to spin around, while Ludka stood dormant, her eyes pinned open, their blue hue was now that of lavender.

"I was scanning the terrain for any sign of civilization. Another one of my perks." She fist bumped her chest triumphantly, and we both set off to find Mizuki.

The End

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