Chapter Ten: The Way The World Works

     The ride with Arachne was filled with a potent silence. All she did was stare at me and occasionally tell Mosquito to drive faster. Her face stayed hidden behind the black fan, as her vibrant purple eyes that were a spider web design bore into my soul. I felt her looking at it, which gave me the constant chills. About an hour into the ride, we pulled into yet another forest.

"We've almost arrived, Lady Arachne." Spoke Mosquito from the drivers seat.

"To where? Exactly where are we going?" I asked, my voice somewhat afraid of the answer.

"Baba Yaga's Castle. My home base of operations, and your new living area." Arachne clicked her fan shut, and smiled briefly.

     I slumped back into the leather seats, turning my head to look out the window. Thick trees with long branches overtook any sight beyond them. turning my head back to face the front. I felt the vehicle come to a grinding halt.

"Mazoku, get in the car and stop fooling around." Arachne opened the door and sighed, pursing her lips together.

"I'm sorry Mother Gorgon..." Mazoku whined and dipped his head to sit in the limousine.

"Hey." I whispered, trying to hold back a broad smile.

"Mistress Mizuki?! What in deaths name are you doing here?! But... I'm so glad to see you!" The black haired boy leapt onto my lap, wrapping his arms around my waist in a hug.

"It's good to see you too, Mazoku. I'll be living with you from now on." I hugged the boy back, and Arachne smiled at us both.

*Time Skip*

     We had arrived at Baba Yaga's Castle, which resembled a huge spider face with a gate mouth, and 8 long towers sticking into the ground, 4 on either side of the spider face. Sticking up behind the spider face, was a large rounded stone building that actually resembled a castle. I scooted out of the limousine and onto the dirt ground. Mazoku and Lady Arachne followed, eventually with Mosquito.

"Do you like it, Mistress?" Mosquito asked, placing his top hat upon his head.

"I can't wait to explore it, actually. Living in Gallows Manor for 15 years kind of got old." I walked behind Arachne, who said she was taking me to my living quarters.

     My room was near the back of the castle, sort of hidden. This would definitely take some getting used to. I walked in, and quickly learned that I shouldn't judge a room by its door. What I was expected to live in was lavishly decorated with crimson and gold, such as an English Queen from Victorian England would have her personal bedroom decorated as. The queen bed was navy, however. With violet spiders accenting the laced veil that dripped over the bed.

"Do you like it, Mizuki?" Arachne asked, placing a hand on my shoulder.

"It's like you've been waiting for me, Arachne..." I trailed off, still awestruck.

"Please, call me Mother Gorgon. And yes, as a matter of fact. Now, rest up. I'll come for you in the morning." Arachne left with Mosquito, and Mazoku just waved with a small smile and followed his mother.

     The first thing I did was search for a clock. Finding one on the nearby wardrobe, it read 1:13 am. No one was awake back at home yet, or at least I assumed so. Another stroll around my new room found 2 large book shelves, each filled to its edges with thick, leatherbound spellbooks and encyclopedias on Demon Swords, Magic Weapons, and other things.

     I slipped under the veil that hung over my bed, shifting under the satin sheets. Just before my eyes fell shut, I heard a knock at my door, followed by a male voice. 

"Mistress, we're here to act as your guards. My partner and I will stand watch over your room. Sleep peacefully, madame." With that, my eyes slammed shut and I plummeted into a deep slumber.

The unrestrained screams and desperate cries of the people fell silent as I finished off their hopeless need for struggling. Bones snapped and bodies broke beneath me, and I loved the feeling that came with it. Death City, and soon the whole world, would know the unbridled wrath of me...Mizuki, The He-

"Mizuki, love, it's time to wake. I've prepared you a gown, please slip it on. I'll be waiting outside your room." Arachne gently called, her face poking through my slightly opened room door.

     I took a look at the gown, which was a solid white. Almost what you would see a ghost or apparition in. I slipped on the gown, which had thick straps and a belt below my bust. With a half asleep and very confused mind, I still managed to walk out of my room and stand beside Arachne. She put a hand on my shoulder, and lead me all the way across the castle to the nearest tower's staircase.

     Once we had reached the top, I was greeted with a large steel door with witches writing surrounding a circle that had a hand imprint. I rubbed my eyes to get a better look at what Arachne did next. She placed her right hand in the imprint, perfectly fitting it. The writing turned a bright violet, causing the door to disassemble by block. Soon, we entered the room it protected, leaving the door to re-materialize. 

"Arachne, mind explaining to me what that is...?" I pointed towards a glass bubble with several tubes connected to it by steel rings.

"That's another thing we're going to have to correct..." The busty woman grabbed both my arms, opening the entrance to the glass bubble and shoving me inside.

     I tried pounding on the glass, but each time I was punished with a shock which got progressively worse. I fell down to the center of my glass prison, hugging my knees and sobbing. What in the hell had I gotten myself into... Mom, dad, I'm scared. I need you. A quiet hissing filled the bubble, and that was all she wrote.

*Time Skip*

     Where am I? I'm at Baba Yaga's Castle, home to Arachne Gorgon and Mazoku, along with the entire organization of Arachnophobia. What's my soul doing? Why is there spiders all around it? I stood up, only to hit my head on the top of the glass bubble. Dazed, I placed a hand on its door, which surprisingly opened, and I fell forward. Hitting face first onto the cold stone floor, Black blood began trickling from my nose, and all I could do was curl up on the floor, helpless.

     The door slowly de-materialized, giving way to Arachne and Giriko. 

"Love, you're not going to like this part either. But it's the last thing, then you're finished with the transformation." Arachne held me in her embrace against her bosom, caressing my face.

"Saw speed, diminished." Giriko commanded, his saw blade lined leg sped up to a soft hum as Arachne held out my long white hair from the resting place of my shoulders.

     With a quick snip with Giriko's leg, my now shoulder length hair fell against my neck. Arachne showed me the hair that had been cut off, and I began to tear up.

"Giriko, mind carrying her to her room?" Arachne handed me over to the chainsaw man, and he carried me down the stairs and through the central part of the castle.

"M-Mi-Mizuki...?" I heard a gentle voice whisper. I knew it was Mazoku, but Giriko shoved him away and continued to my room.

     As Giriko entered my room, he pinned up the veil over my bed and laid me down carefully, exiting the room and shutting the door. I laid there motionless on the navy satin sheets, looking through my mind for stuff to think about. Odd, I know. But my brain couldn't remember anything before this morning, when I arrived here at Baba Yaga's.

     In the middle of my attempts for answers, my door creaked open, revealing Mazoku in a long sleeved black shirt instead of red, with his usual dark-wash jeans. He sat down on the bed near the middle, and smiled at me.

"So, Mother Gorgon finished preparing you?" The young boy asked, kicking his legs in the air.

"Preparing? What has she done besides cut my hair off?" I asked, almost angrily. Mazoku brought over a mirrow so I could look at myself, since he apparently didn't want to tell me.

     I brought a hand to my face as my mouth hung open and my lips quivered. My hair was choppy, and my fringe spiked downwards. My hair was a silvery grey, but not like that of the elderly. My one gold and one grey eye had been replaced with the same intricate spiderweb pattern as Arachne's. But, the most appalling change I had noticed, was my Lines of Sanzu. They were now wrapped around the left side of my head, just like my fathers.

     Small sobs began to make their way out of my throat, both my hands on my face as I sat and cried. Mazoku pulled me into his chest, allowing me to grip the fabric of his shirt and muffle my cries. Not much later, my cries stopped when my soul perception picked up on something familiar, but I couldn't quite place it.

"Mazoku, is that your soul I'm reading...?" I asked, my voice flat except for a couple sniffles.

"So, you're finally seeing me for me." He stated, pulling my body closer to his. 

"...please don't hate me, Mistress Mizuki..." Mazoku stammered, tightening his grip. I closed my eyes, getting a better read on his soul.

"No... it can't be... you're a..." I tried finishing, but was distracted by his wavelength.

"Kishin." He pulled me away from him, getting up, and leaving the room.

The End

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