Chapter Six: The Secret Mission

"Come on, Mizuki. We could be the perfect pair. The world would crumble under us!" Mazoku screamed, throwing forward his sleeves and punching me to the ground. "Mazoku, stop! This isn't you!" I cried, my breath shaky. With tears streaming down my cut and broken face, I stared up at the boy, who was sitting on a crimson cloud. The laughing moon shone down on us, paying no mind to the horrid battle going on below. "You could have everything! Arache has made you an offer, and you'd best accept it you filthy girl!" I was once again beat to the ground by his sleeves. As I lay on the ground, I felt more blood began to trickle from my nose. I felt Mazoku's footsteps approach me, I squinted my eyes shut, ready for the final blow...

"Mizuki! Wake up!" I heard my mother yell. I shot open my eyes, my whole body flinching in her arms.

"I-It was just a nightmare, mom." I tried to reassure both of us, sitting up against my bed frame.

"Well, the storm clouds are gone! So, you should be clear to go outside. Plus...we have a surprise for you!" My mother giggled, brushing my snow white hair away from my eyes.

"Oh? And what would that be?" I asked curiously, tilting my head.

"You'll have to come see~!" She pushed herself off my bed, bolting downstairs.

     I ran my hands through my hair, trying to think about my nightmare I had had. What brought that on? Who knows. My mother said the storm clouds were gone, so I rushed over to my window, throwing open the curtains. It appears that I had forgotten to close it from last night, and I'm just thankful my mother didn't ask. I squinted my eyes slightly, battling against the blinding light of the sun. Sure enough, that storm clouds that once lingered over the forest were gone. My thoughts immediately rushed to Mazoku.

     What does it mean that the clouds are gone? He says when he's upset that the clouds show up...and that his mother knows where he is at all times because of that... All I could do was worry. With the warm air caressing my skin, I made note that shorts were acceptable today. I went into my wardrobe, and picked out black shorts with little death's skulls on either side, along with a Blink-182 shirt and some royal blue Chuck Taylor's. I made my way downstairs, where I noticed all the windows were open and the curtains were swaying in the breeze.

"Good morning, Mizuki! I heard you had a nightmare, are you okay?" Asmund asked me, somewhat concerned.

"Y-Yeah, I'm fine. Hey, where's dad?" I questioned, noticing that I heard no arguing from his weapons.

"Oh, he's at the Academy preparing the first wave of missions to go on the mission board for this year! Congratulations on being a representative for your class, by the way!" He cheered, walking into the kitchen to retrieve something from the oven.

"Thanks, Asmund. Did mom go too? She was just here." I eyed the cookies he just pulled out eagerly.

"She's in her room getting dressed." He responded, placing the hot pan on the stove.

     I scooted out of the stool, climbing the stairs and going to her room door. I went to knock, but noticed the door was already cracked, so I walked in. My mother was there, zipping up the dress she planned to wear today. I caught a glimpse at her, which surprised me. Her stomach region seemed larger, which was peculiar. I didn't notice my mom gaining weight lately... When she noticed me, her body quickly spun around to remove any sight of her torso.

"Yes, love, what is it?" I heard her ask me.

"U-Uhm, I was just wondering if I could go out and grab Apsel and hang out in the city today..." I felt my face getting red. I probably wasn't supposed to see that.

"Go right ahead! Now that those clouds are gone, all you have to do is say the word." I watched her put her hair up in a bun, and I walked into my room to grab my book bag.

     I slung it over my shoulder, leaving my room when a thought occurred to me. That book! I walked over to my nightstand, picking up the book and dropping it in my bag. I found my way downstairs to the kitchen where the aroma of cookies was pungent all around. 

"Hey! You look like you're heading somewhere. Want a few cookies to go~?" Asmund made puppy eyes, so I rolled my eyes with a smile.

"A Death Scythe that knows how to cook. How in deaths name could I say no?" I laughed, putting a few in a baggie and dropping them in my book bag.

"Yay~!! Have fun, Mizuki!" Asmund called as I exited the manor.

     I stepped out onto the walkway, noticing the crack was still there from my soul resonance incident the other day. I closed my eyes, spreading my arms out. I spoke a spell of repair, and when my eyes opened, the yard and cement was fixed. I trotted out into the liveliness that is Death City on a sunny Saturday, and smiled broadly.

"I should probably go get Apsel now." I said aloud to myself, summoning Ryu and began riding off to his apartment.

*Time Skip*

     I landed in front of Maka and Soul's apartment, dismissing Ryu and knocking 8 times upon their red door. While I awaited a greeting, I looked next door and gave a soft smirk. My momma used to live right there... Soon the door opened, giving me the sight of Soul in his underwear. My face turned red, but not a good blush.

"Wow, uhm, this is so awkward and uncool...just come in while I go change..." Soul darted off to his room, leaving me to close the door.

     Plopping down on their couch, I looked around at all the old pictures Maka and Soul had hanging up. I heard quiet footsteps making their way down the hall, and a monstrous yawn following.

"Mornin, Mizuki. What's up? Why're you over here?" Apsel mumbled, rubbing his eyes.

"I thought we could go out on the town today. Was thinking... Death Cafe?" I stood up, walking over in front of him.

"Oh my death, yes! Let me go get changed!" The lanky boy ran off into his room, slamming the door shut.

     I stood behind the couch awkwardly, lifting my heels every now and again. Apsel emerged from his bedroom, wearing some old clothes of Soul's from when he was younger. I laughed, covering my mouth with a hand.

"Whaaaa? What's so funny Mizuki?" Apsel tilted his head, raising an eyebrow.

"You're so much smaller than your dad!" I howled, catching myself on the back of the couch.

"Ha ha, very funny. Let's go to Death Cafe now, shall we?" He took my arm, and we walked outside the apartment building.

     We were walking for a little ways, when I stopped dead in my tracks and facepalmed.

"Damn, I'm such an idiot! I totally forgot!" I yelled out in annoyance towards myself.

"What? What'd you forget, Mizuki?" Apsel gazed at me, his spiky brown hair poking out from his beanie.

     I didn't answer my meister, but instead, showed him. I searched once again for the power inside my soul to summon Ryu, and once I had, the same scene from last night happened. Black and red lightning, puffs of violet smoke, the whole ordeal. All of that gave way to my beautiful board, Ryu.

"How did...what is...since when?! Since when do you have a Beelzebub??" Apsel could barely form his sentences, which made me smile.

"My father gave me the power as a birthday present last night, it's name is Ryu." I hopped on, extending my hand to Apsel.

"You want me to what?" His mouth gaped, still in disbelief. Apsel eventually took my hand, shakily mounting the board.

"Hold on tight, Apsel." I smirked, rising from the ground and bolting off to Death Cafe.

     We arrived just minutes later, and I assisted my meister in dismounting Ryu. I giggled at his staggered walk, and we entered the cafe. The atmosphere inside was delightful. Couples chattered away at tables, and friends took pictures and laughed together. We made our way to the counter, and ordered.

"The grand total will be $13.47, sir and madame." Spoke the cashier.

"Gah, I'm sorry Mizuki I totally forgot about my wallet..." Apsel's face turned 80 shades of red.

"Don't worry about it. Just watch this." I flicked out my ID card, facing it to the nurse.

"Disregard the charge, Mistress Mizuki! I apologize, I didn't notice you were a member of Lord Death The Kid's family!" She stuttered uneasily, handing me back my card.

     Apsel and I took a seat outside, and waited for our orders. I was staring at the boy in front of me, who was happily looking around the city, waving at passerby's. I stared at his hazel orbs, jealous of his happiness. Surely, his parents never hid anything from him. Surely he wasn't born an illegal freak of nature. And surely he wasn't friends with a secret person.

"What's wrong, Mizuki? You seem upset." He placed a hand on mine, which caused me to blush. 

"I-It's n-nothing, Apsel. Just thinking." I responded, forcing a light smile.

"W-Well, you're my weapon, so I have to see if you're okay at all times. Is there something you wanted to do after we're done here?" Apsel questioned, wrinkling his nose.

"Actually, I-"

"Here is your food, sir and madame. Enjoy." The waitress spoke, sliding our plates onto the table.

     We ate in silence, occasionally exchanging glances. I did have something I wanted to do after this, but I'm not sure if he would go for it. After all, isn't it the meister that usually makes the decisions? I took one last bite of my sandwich, and the final sip on my mocha frappuccino. Apsel carried our plates in, and I brushed hair out of my eyes, despite the opposition of the cool breeze.

"So, what is it you wanted to do?" Apsel sat back down in the metal chair, squinting at the sun.

"There's this cabin in the forest, remember? The one we used to play at as little kids." I began, not breaking eye contact.

"Yeah, I do. What's up?" Brushing his bangs aside, he leaned closer.

"There's someone I want you to meet." Was all I said before I summoned Ryu, and took both of us in the direction of the cabin.

*Time Skip*

     We arrived at the beginning of the forest, and I could already tell Apsel wasn't too on board with this. I haven't given him any explanation besides saying I wanted him to meet someone. He took his beanie off, stuffing part of it into his pockets, allowing his chocolate locks to flow freely.

"Mizuki, I don't like this. Transform, now." Apsel said sternly, which threw me off guard.

"Didn't you hear me? Your meister has made a decision, now accept it." His voice seemed angered.

"S-Sure thing..." I whimpered, lazily transforming into the claymore.

     Apsel walked to my directions, heading straight for the cabin. I kept feeling stinging pains while my bare body was inside its weapon form, which was new to me. I got one pain that felt like a fresh stab wound to my chest. I screamed horrifically, causing Apsel to stumble on the ground.

"What the hell did you attack me with your soul wavelength for?!" I shrieked, casting my displeased face onto the blade.

"I don't know what you're talking about! I can't even sense your soul!" Apsel wailed, staring my image down.

     After we were done arguing, we heard whirring from nearby. We both readied ourselves, and I was finally able to catch a reading on Apsel's soul. It was pained, nervous. We stood in silence, my meister ready in his battle stance. A tree fell down, and Apsel jumped just in time to land on its fallen trunk. 

"What are you Academy brats doing out on your own? I'll cut you to shreds!" The voice called out, zipping in front of us.

     The man in front of us was crouched down, resting on his knees which were lined with chainsaw blades all the way down to his ankles. His hair resembled... blades? Interesting. And his body was adorned with a white coat.

"We're not here to harm! Only to visit a friend." I poked my head out of the sword, making sure not to expose my bare body.

"Oh, you're an interesting soul. A witch, shinigami, AND a weapon? I bet it'll taste delicious once I tear you to shreds!" The man called, racing towards us on his chainsaw legs.

"Saw speed 2!" He commanded, the blades speeding up.

     Apsel raised me up, my blade colliding with the saw. The vibrations caused my bare body to tear inside the weapon, and I yelled out in pain. Just as Apsel shoved him away, another person showed up. I recognize this soul... I've read it before... 

"Giriko, stop! She's friendly!" Mazoku cried, throwing out a red sleeve and punching the man now identified as Giriko into a nearby tree.

"Mazoku..." I whispered, transforming back into a human and lugging my body towards him.

"Hi, Mistress Mizuki. I've missed you." I felt his arms bring me closer, but I winced in pain.

"She's hurt! Allow me, please. I'm her meister, Apsel." I heard Apsel walk over.

     They both agreed that Mazoku would carry me to the cabin. His sleeves wrapped around my pained body, absorbing the blood from my various lacerations. I looked up at the passing trees, passing out as a nice breeze swept by us.


The End

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