Chapter Five: Strange Things Are Made Of These

     Mazoku hung his head low, letting out short sobs. Arachne? Her name sounds familiar... I put a hand on his shoulder, bringing him in for a hug.

"Mazoku, why are you so afraid of her?" I hugged him tight, resting my chin on his head.

"Sh-She's my m-mother...I ran away from her! She knows where I am...whenever I'm upset, storm clouds show up to pulse out my madness... S-She created me for herself...but, I love her..." He was sounding nasal-y, and I felt my bare shoulders begin to get wet from his tears.

     I took a look outside, as the laughing moon sunk lower and lower into the night sky. 

"Damn. Mazoku, I've got to go. Do you know of any way to get back to the Academy quickly?" I asked, smoothing out my dress and folding back a stray hair.

"Sure, Mistress Mizuki." He began to glow red, aiming the energy field at me.

"I'll be back tomorrow, I promise." At those words I spoke, I felt myself leaving him, but saw a genuine smile spread across his face.

*Time Skip*

     I sighed heavily, relieved that I still heard the jazz band playing and the party continuing. I walked through the door slowly, making my way up towards my chair that was next to my father's "throne" I was enjoying the people watching, when a lanky boy ran up to me, stopping at the bottom of the stairs.

"Mizuki! Where the hell have you been?! It's almost time for the class representation announcement!" Apsel cried, taking me by the hand and yanking me from my chair.

     The "class representation" was something that my father, mother, Stein, and Spirit chose at the DWMA founding party each year. One weapon/meister pair would be chosen to represent their class for the whole school year. That group would be the first to try advanced lessons, take on harder missions, and other stuff of the like. My father, mother, Spirit, and Stein had replaced where the jazz band was, and my father had the microphone.

"Attention, everyone, attention. -coughs- As you all know, tonight is a belated celebration of my father's greatest achievement, the Death Weapon Meister Academy. Tonight, I, my wife, Spirit Albarn, and Dr. Franken Stein, present to you the weapon and meister pair to represent Class Crescent Moon." My father spoke enthusiastically, handing my mother the envelope.

"And the representatives for Class Crescent Moon are...Mistress Mizuki Death and Apsel Hildbrand!" My jaw dropped to the floor, as I turned into a standing rag doll at my mothers' words.

"Mizuki! Come on! We have to go on stage!" Apsel pulled me forward, my heels clicking on the tile floor.

     As we got up and accepted our ribbons, Apsel gave an acceptance speech grateful enough for the both of us. I tried my best to hide behind him, my face steaming with anxiety. After that horrid moment was over, I noticed a figure behind the crowd. I walked off the stage, not catching anyone's attention of course. I tried to pick up the bottom of my dress to aid in walking, but its tight fabric opposed. As I reached the figure, it ran off into a nearby closet. 

     Rolling my eyes, I began swirling my hands together. A yellow orb of light, sort of resembling Navi from Legend of Zelda, hung disconnectedly in the air above my head, illuminating my immediate area and then some. I heard some boxes shuffling, so I pinpointed the source and noticed a box of old books that had been knocked over. Picking them up, I found one that said "Legend of the Kishin: The source of all madness?" I didn't have an easy way of taking this book with me, even though it intrigued me beyond belief. I stuck it on a metal rack nearby, and exited the closet.

"You just have a knack for disappearing, don't you?" Apsel chuckled, smoothing his coat.

"S-Sorry, large crowds." I muttered, blushing slightly.

"Ah, yeah, always forget you're the shy type. Come on, it's the final dance." Apsel bowed down, extending his hand.

"May I, Mistress Mizuki?" My lanky meister asked, his eyes peering up at me.

"Yeah, of course." I forced a smile, taking his hand. The thoughts of the book I had found eating at my brain.

     The final dance was a slow one to a Yiruma piano piece. I had a lovely time, but soon the party drew to a close. Apsel left with Maka and Soul, and soon enough it was just my parents and I, sitting upon our large chairs and admiring the eerie smile of the nighttime moon.

"Mizuki, as your father, and a shinigami, it is my honour to bestow upon you this birthday present." My father stood me up, and placed his hands on my Lines of Sanzu.

"Nnngh, that burns!" I yelled, but all my mother did was hush me.

     I saw my lines light up, projecting a violet and black light. My father took his hands off, and smiled slyly.

"You now have your own Beelzebub. Take good care of whatever you decide to name it." I felt my father's pride dancing around the air, as my straight face gave way to a delighted grin.

"Oi, Kid, we should be heading home. It's late." My mother stated, standing up from her chair and walking next to my father.

"Yes, dearest. Go on, I have some business in the Death Room to finish up. I'll see you at home, Akemi." I watched as my mother bolted over to the balcony, leaping into the air, fell, and rose up again on her wings. My father patted my shoulder, leaving for the Death Room.

     I picked up a stray piece of confetti, letting it spiral downwards in the air. Now that I'm by myself, I can retrieve that book! I ran to the closet where I had left the book, and thank death it was still there. I folded it against my chest, lowering my head and leaving the dark area as fast as possible. I made my way down to the practice gym, hoping that I had some clothes still in my locker. To my relief, I did. 

     The girl's locker room was unimaginably creepy at night. Creepy, and really cold. I shivered as my hands tried to pick up the shirt from the hanger on the wall, but I dropped it. Dammit. I reached down to grab it, only to find it had gotten wet because of some un-drained shower water from today. Gross... I really need to tell these janitors to bust tail. I pulled the wet shirt over my body, allowing its athletic fabric to hug my skin.

     I walked out of the gym, dress slung over my shoulder. I'm still wearing the heels, unfortunately. Shorts, athletic shirt, and sparkly heels must look odd to one without context. Once I got outside the gym, the moon was high in the sky, telling me it was insanely late in the night. I wondered how I was going to get home, granted, that I get there before sunrise. A thought played back in my head, "You now have your own Beelzebub." I wasn't quite sure how to summon it, so I set my things down, closing my eyes, and searching for the power inside my soul.

     Once I had tapped into it, my hands cupped around each other, throwing themselves out and bringing forth black and red lightning with a tint of violet smoke. A skateboard formed above me, and since my father said it was like his Beelzebub, I assumed it was flight-capable. Black and red swirls with a death's skull on the top, and black wheels. I hopped on, picking up my stuff and kicking off the ground.

"Ryu." I whispered, looking down at my new beautiful creation.

*Time Skip*

     Instead of going through the front door and risk waking everyone up, I used my magick to unlock my windows and float in quietly on Ryu. I stuck my hand out, diminishing my skateboard. I hung my dress up on a hanger and put it next to my dirty clothes basket. I was walking to go curl in my bed, when I stepped on what felt like a piece of paper.

     Picking it up, I noticed it had black droplets bleeding through from the back. It was the black blood that I had forced out of myself a while back. I focused harder on the sticky note, the wind from the open window caressing my hair that was now free of pins and ties. The note read as followed, "Say bloody needle". Bloody needle? What? This wasn't Liz, Patty, my mother or father's handwriting, whose was it? More importantly...why was my blood still fresh? I was dabbing it up when I noticed a spider sitting on my night stand.

"Gah, filthy thing!" I whisper-yelled, smashing my towel down on it.

     Instead of hearing the satisfying crunch of a spider carcass, I instead heard a little puff. Curious, I lifted up the towel. All that remained from the spider was specks of violet and black dust. I scratched my head in disbelief.

"I've had a hell of a day, it's time for some well deserved sleep." I agreed with myself, curling under my covers, switching on my electric blanket.

     Before my eyes finally locked shut, I could've sworn I saw the image of Mazoku in my mirror, standing side by side with a tall woman who kept her face covered with a black fan.


The End

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