Chapter Two: Is This Really Who I Am?

     I turned the doorknob to the manor, and walked in unhappily. No one was home yet, since my father ran the school and my mother was most likely out training with her Death Scythe. I hung my coat upon the rack and headed upstairs to my room.

     My room was quite the mess, so I popped an old Kansas tape and began to work. I opened up the curtains to try and get some light in, when I saw an odd looking mass of dark clouds on the far off horizon, accented with a red mist. Furrowing my brows, I dismissed this sight and continued on my work. About twenty minutes later, I fell on my bed with arms outstretched as the intro to Carry On Wayward Son wove its way through the air. 

     Is this me? This freak of a person, whose destiny is to be made fun of and tortured by her peers? I thought to myself, my mind pushing forward thoughts of everything that's ever been said to me. It's not like I could help what I was born as, although it's all I longed for. I snapped to attention when I heard the front door open. Unaware of what was happening, I transformed my right arm into the claymore blade.

"W-Whoever you are, I won't let you get away!" I called, throwing open my bedroom door.

"Woah, woah! Easy there, tiger." Apsel put both his hands up, waving them gently.

"Apsel, how many times have I told you not to scare the weapon?" I chuckled, morphing my hand back to normal.

"Eheh, sorry about that." Apsel laughed nervously, rubbing his neck.

     I turned off my tape player, and we both took a seat on the edge of my bed. I glanced over at Apsel, who had a messenger bag strung across his shoulder. I eyed it more carefully, and it seemed to have a book of some sorts in it.

"Apsel, why'd you come here anyway? And what's in your bag?" I asked, walking over to my walk-in closet.

"I-I thought maybe we could practice this soul resonance thing. I checked out this book from the library that explains it." Apsel piped up, pulling out the thick book from his bag.

     He and I both sat on the floor, reading the book on how to achieve a perfect resonance rate. We hadn't learned about this in school yet, so it was a little confusing. As soon as we were both sure our heads were spinning, Apsel closed the book and let out a sharp breath.

"Wooh, this is confusing. Maybe we should just wait until we l-"

"Let's do it." I cut off Apsel abruptly.

"S-So let me get this straight, Mizuki. You want to try something we have only just now read about? It even says unstable resonance could damage our wavelengths!" He pleaded, grasping my arm.

     Honestly, I didn't care if our wavelengths were damaged beyond compatibility. All I wanted, all I thought about, was if Apsel and I were the first in our class, maybe people would admire me rather than hate. I placed a hand on his with a pleading look.

"Apsel...please." I whispered, my lip quivering.

"Gah! Fine! Just don't cry..." He murmured, helping me stand.

     We trotted down the stairs to the front room, where I noticed there was still no sign of anyone being home. I told him we could try the yard, so that's where we headed. I let go of his hand and looked around, the streets more filled than they were this morning. I lead Apsel near the side of the house, where there was more space.

" do we go about this, really?" Apsel complained, turning his head at a passing cyclist.

"Allow me." I stated calmly, allowing my body to once more be immersed with the white light.

     Instead of showing off like I had at the Academy, I simply formed in Apsel's hand. We stood in silence as I searched for his soul from within the claymore. A sound soul...dwells within a sound mind...and a sound body... I had found it, his soul was glowing a soft green. I reached out to it, bringing it in to my grasp.

"Let's go, soul resonance!" We cried out in unison, the wind picking up at a brisk pace and whipping around leaves.

     We were both yelling, increasing volume as the resonance rate rose. Neither one of us had any idea what would result of this, but we pushed on. I cast my face on to the blade of the sword, to see my mother and Asmund walking up the path. She looked at me, and a grin of surprise and pride stretched across her face.

"Mizuki, grant me your power! Let's go, Archangel's Menace!" Apsel blared, raising my blade.

     My blade shot forward fluorescent beams, creating a large slice all the way across the front yard, splitting any plants or shrubbery in its path. Apsel lowered me back down, and was breathing heavily. I transformed back into my human form, placing my hands on my knees and coughing.

"Oh, my darling! Mizuki, that was lovely! Wait til your father hears about this miraculous achievement you've made!" My mother cheered, clapping her hands and walking over to me.

"T-Thanks, mom. But don't you think dad'll get riled up when he sees the lawn?" I gestured towards the jagged line that broke out from where I was standing.

"Oh, he'll get over it. If you and Apsel would care to come inside, I'll whip us up something. Asmund can hang out with you too." My mother began walking inside, and it was now just me, Apsel, and Asmund.

*Time Skip provided by carefree Akemi*

     I threw the controller down in frustration. This was the fourth time Apsel and Asmund had tag teamed me in Super Smash Bros. We were all three laughing and having a good time, so I took it with a grain of salt. The aroma of my mothers cooking danced through the uplifting atmosphere as I excused myself to go change.

"Hurry back so we can school you!" Apsel snickered from the living room.

"In your dreams, Apsel!" I called back, trailing up the stairs.

     I smiled as their laughter became a dull sound from inside my closed room. I threw open my closet doors, slowly walking in and picking out a comfy outfit. This consisted of a maroon tank top with black shorts with a small triangle cut in the side. While I was changing, I took a minute to trace my bony fingers across the Lines of Sanzu that highlighted my shoulders, stretching to my collarbone.

     I still wasn't sure what they did, I'd only heard stories of my dad fighting the Kishin Asura, which turned out to be his older brother, and the power they gave him when connected. Who knows if that would happen with me, though. My soul and genetic makeup is a melting pot in its own. I was buried in thought when a knock came to the door.

"Mizuki, darling, your father is home and dinner is almost ready. Mind coming down?" My mothers soft tone asked.

"Sure. Be right there!" I responded, throwing my tank top on and heading downstairs.

     Sure enough, my father, Death The Kid, was standing in the doorway with Liz and Patty. I went over and sat back down with Asmund and Apsel, picking up the controller I had thrown down in an earlier mess.

"Ooooh! Can I play, Mizuki?~" Patty chimed.

"Sure, you can have my controller. I'm done for the night." I handed her mine as she bounced over and plopped down.

     Apsel and Asmund shrugged, but I just walked into the kitchen and took a seat at the table. Liz made her way upstairs to her room, and Patty laughed maniacally at the game. I watched as my mother returned to finishing up dinner, and my father took a seat next to me.

"So, Mizuki. I heard you've had quite the eventful day?" My father asked, ruffling my hair.

"Y-Yeah...I got a partner today, which is Apsel, and we did soul resonance for the first time." I twiddled my thumbs, glancing over my shoulder at the setting sun through the window.

"And I'm sorry about the yard..." I whispered lowly.

"I-It's no matter, Mizuki. As much as its asymmetrical appearance absolutely destroys me, it'll be fixed." My father got up and went to help my mother finish dinner.

     I folded my arms on the mahogany table and laid my head down. My thoughts retraced themselves to those outlandish looking clouds I had seen, and I perked my head up once more.

"Hey, dad, did you happen to see those funky looking clouds today?" Not sure what I had said that set something off, but both my parents and Asmund stopped dead with what they were doing.

"A-Asmund, escort Apsel home. Patty, go upstairs with Liz." My mother immediately declared, placing the food down on the counter.

     Without hesitation, Asmund scooped up Apsel and bolted out the door. My father sat to my left, whereas my mother took a seat to my right. What was going on? They were just clouds, what could be so serious? My eyes shifted back and forth between the two adults with an 'oh my death what did she just say' look painted on their faces.

     My father sighed, licking his lips and staring at my mother. She inhaled sharply, turning and placing both hands on mine.

"Darling Mizuki, this is very serious. We need you to stay inside at all costs." She bit her lip, turning her head to my dad.

"I will personally assign someone to visit you at home and help tend to your studies. Who do you prefer? Spirit, Stein, Ms. Marie?" My father leaned towards me.

"Woah, woah, woah. What's even going on? I don't understand!" I balled my hands into fists, pursing my lips together.

 "There's a bad storm coming, dear. The fact you saw it today means it's only just outside the city, possibly hovering over that big forest you loved to play in as a toddler. Which also means, anywhere you visit will have to be approved by me, your father, or a trusted higher up." My mother stood up, bringing the food over to the table.

"Now, eat. Stress only makes you hungrier." My father grabbed an apple from the fruit bowl, walking back upstairs.

*Time Skip provided by obviously lying parents*

     Once I had finished eating, I was the only one left downstairs. I had to walk past my parents room to get to mine, and once I did, I heard what seemed like arguing. They were obviously talking about me or what I had brought up, or else they wouldn't have tried to mask it.

"We're smothering her, Akemi! She needs to go to school, especially with her having a partner now!" My father pleaded futilely. 

"Kid, do you KNOW how many laws we've broken, simply having her as a child? I'm not even supposed to be alive!" My mother spoke through broken cries.

"Don't you dare hold that above my head..." Grumbled my father. From what I could make out he seemed to be walking away.

"Love, you know what will happen if the madness reaches her. The fact she has my black blood won't help either. This is for the best." My mother tried reasoning with him.

     I ran to my room, slamming as gently as I could, my room door. Black blood? Madness? Awakening? What the hell were my parents talking about?! I decided to find out for myself, so I morphed my right arm into the sword blade of my weapon form. Placing it on my left wrist, I balled up my fist as the metal slit the fragile skin that held me together.

     Sure enough, what crept out of that small yet effective cut was not the crimson colour I had learned was that of blood. No, this was indeed what I had overheard my mother speaking of.

Hey, my blood is black, you know.


The End

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