Chapter One: The Way The Sun Shines

Several years after Akemi and Kid went off to Norway, after they both recovered, Lord Death passed. He left behind his legacy AND the DWMA to his son, Death The Kid. Akemi and Kid returned from their vacation to find out she would bear the her first child, Kid being the father. Akemi gives birth, only to shortly thereafter learn of a new Kishin...Mazoku.

Hey, guys. I'm Mizuki, as you probably already know. I'm currently 14, turning 15 in a week. My father is the son of my late grandpapa, Lord Death. His name is Death The Kid. My mother is the only ever witch the DWMA has allowed as far into their systems as she is. Her name is Akemi, but she's now known as Lady Akemi Death. I hate who I am. I've got shinigami, witch, and weapon blood. The only trait of myself I've inherited that I DON'T hate, is the Lines of Sanzu which I got from my father. If I got anything from my mother, it hasn't shown up yet... Everyone at the Academy hates me, except for my one friend, Apsel. He's the adopted son of my auntie Maka and her weapon partner Soul. I'm not that interesting of a person, so on with the show.

*The story begins below*

"Mizuki! Come down for breakfast, darling. It's almost time for school!" I heard my mother call from downstairs.

"Y-Yeah! Coming!" I called back, still half asleep.

     I groaned, tossing the covers off of my slender body. Trudging to the wardrobe at the end of my bed, I stared at myself through the gargantuan mirror hanging behind it. My one grey eye fought with the other gold one on which colour should be dominant. I ran a hand through my thick white hair, sighing heavily. I decided to just throw on a Styx t-shirt, black skirt, and Chuck Taylor's.

     Making my way down the spiral staircase, I was bombarded with the alarmingly pleasant aroma of omelettes. I poked my head into the kitchen to find Asmund, my mothers Death Scythe, tossing spices about as he prepared our meals. I climbed up into a bar stool, glancing at my surroundings. My mother faced her back to me, organizing cups in the glass cabinet. I watched as her hip-length hair curled at its edges, complimenting her curvy body.

"Good morning, Mizuki." My father stated before ruffling my hair and walking to the living room.

"Morning father." I replied, walking over to the table.

"Ah, Mizuki! Ready to tackle the day?" Asmund sprightly asked me, sliding an plate with a monstrous omelette on it.

"Please, I'm a witch/shinigami/weapon combo. I could pulverize the day." I chuckled through bites of meat, cheese, and eggs.

     After I had scarfed down my food, I made my way upstairs to see if I still looked halfway decent. My hair was tangled and I was feeling lazy, so I just threw it in a messy ponytail. Smoothing out my shirt, I grabbed my schoolbag from the end of my bed and hopped down the stairs once again. 

     My mother still had her back to me, which was odd. I hadn't spoken to her besides the initial "come down for breakfast". What's wrong with her? She's never this quiet... I told her I was heading to school, but all she did was dismiss me with a wave. I closed the large front door to my house, and stood on the porch.

     I let out a breath as the crisp autumn air enveloped my body with a hug. As I began my trek to the Academy, I was astonished at how barren the streets were. I swear this creepy old shop guy tried to grab my arm, but all I heard him say was something about madness. Uh, no, creepy shop guy, you're the mad one here. My legs braved the steps towering above me, and I was catching my breath at the top when I heard my name called.

"Mizuki! Mizuki, come here!" It was Apsel, and he seemed oddly erratic.

"Hey, Apsel. What's up?" I inquired, giving him a hug.

"Stein says he has a special assignment for us! Come on!" Apsel took my arm, and we bolted inside the Academy.

     We made it through the class Crescent Moon door just as the bell rang. Stein had his back to us so we ran to our seats in the top middle row. Apsel was still ecstatic, as I pulled out a notebook and pen. Stein cleared his throat and began the class.

"As you all may know, the DWMA is having its annual anniversary party tomorrow night. The assignment today is very crucial, and will play a part in tomorrow's festivities. Weapons, find a meister and vise versa. Meet me out in the courtyard to get started." Stein walked over to the door as students began filing out.

     I closed my notebook, twirling a stray hair.

"Mizuki! Let's go!" Apsel grabbed my wrist and lead me outside.

     Apsel and I were the last couple out, and he seemed quite devastated that nearly everyone was paired up. He began running around trying to talk to people, but was shot down as they all paired up with someone else right in front of him. I thought about jumping into the fray, but decided to stay an onlooker. Everyone here hated me, so I was no stranger to verbal abuse. Why would they be nice now?

     A small tear streaked down my face. Wiping it away, I felt a firm hand on my shoulder.

"I remember when your mother found Asmund. It's a magical moment when a weapon meets his or her meister, and the other way around. You're much like your mother, in many ways." Stein said monotonously, fixating his glasses.

"What're you getting at exactly, professor?" I questioned, pulling his hand off my shoulder.

"I'm just saying you shouldn't hold back. Don't let the fears of yesterday keep you from the possibilities of today. I want you to try and partner with Apsel." Stein gestured towards the lanky boy running around desperately.

"You're pretty close, yeah?" A few turns of the screw in his head, and it stopped with a satisfying click.

"Y-Yeah...we're close, Apsel and I." I fidgeted with my skirt, folding my arms.

"Apsel Manfred!" Stein called, Apsel immediately coming over to catch his breath.

"Test your compatibility with Mizuki." He backed away, giving us the right amount of space.

     Immediately, I noticed Apsel's eyes burning with excitement, his face flagrant with confidence. I gave in, putting my arms out and letting my body shoot upwards, swirling in a white light and morphing into my weapon form. I spun a few times, before descending to hopefully land in Apsel's grasp.

     The hilt of my now claymore body fell gracefully into his hand. Twirling me around, my snow white blade danced in the sun, shedding a lively glow. Apsel was laughing with a collected attitude. He jabbed me forward, ending his 'performance' with a sharp jab of my blade. I cast my face onto the sword's blade, staring at him with happiness. 

"So, I guess this means we're partners now, huh?" I chuckled from inside the weapon.

"Heh, yeah! We're partners Mizuki!" Apsel let go of the hilt, and I transformed back into a human.

     All was fine and well. I was incredibly thrilled to have a partner, especially it being Apsel. He ran ahead to the front of the group as we were all going back inside, and I decided to tail behind everyone. I was about to send a text to my mother when I overheard some conversations between two girls in front of me.

"Hey, did you see that witch freak got a partner?" One asked.

"Unfortunately, yeah. I'm surprised that poor meister of hers even hangs out with her on a regular basis. Guy must have high tolerance for that cretin." The other spat, and they both burst into hysterical laughter.

     My walking slowed to almost a stop, and I hung my head low. I slipped my phone back inside my waist band, and felt every ounce of happiness I'd just experienced drain out of my body.

The End

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