Long Time No Sea

This is weird. I haven't been on here in a while.

Well, I haven't been here in a long time.  A time that was long enough to allow me to forget the name of the website and I had to contact a friend to remind me.  The truth is, I had lost my passion for everything.  I'd lost my faith in humanity, in my religion, my savior, and more importantly, I lost my will to keep living.  Though I practically fell off the face of the planet, somewhere in there I re-discovered my passion for all things creative.  I picked up my guitar again, and I picked up my pencil again.  I remember sitting down one day, words were pouring from me like I had never experienced in my life.  That start is still on my computer, and I haven't added to it since.  Maybe one day, I will, but for now it's something that I'd like to leave the way it is.  I was lost for a long time.  Stuck in a desert no sea nor human life to be found.  Sometimes I wish someone had come to save me, but honestly I'm glad that I found my way back because I am stronger than I have ever been.  I learned things about myself that I didn't know I didn't know. 

So where's this leave me now?  Well, hopefully I'll be posting some short stories on here (nothing that I'd eventually want to get professionally published).  Hopefully people can find them entertaining to say the least, if not relatable.  Grr, spell check that word is fine.  Sorry; where was I?  Ah, yes.  So hopefully people will like my stories, though they might not find them, I'm terrible at tagging and categorizing things.  Okay, Now I'm off to work on biology :) Actually it's terrible.  Don't ever take biology in college, it will rip your GPA to shreds.  Bye for now.  Hope to see you all soon.

The End

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