The Escape

His hit was straight, true, the target had been eliminated. The sun was up and bright, it would be another hot day in this god-forsaken country.

His left leg was stinging, ants were coming up the inside of his shirt.  He didn't have time to lick his wounds right now, he needed to be as far away from there as possible.

The rendezvous point was just behind him, over the ridge, not that far, problem was, the sentries had gotten over the initial shock of the hit and were fanning out.

He scooted backwards, the sentries were sweeping the grass, he had to do something fast.. Hargrove raised the gun, he didn't have to aim, he wasn't shooting at anything in particular, he just needed to get the sentries away from him.  He just needed a few seconds.  He fired.

The sentry went down with a scream, he didn't aim to kill him, just to get the others attention.. The sentries coming towards him, turned, they stared for a minute and ran back towards their fallen comrade.

Just what he needed, getting to his feet, crouching low, he made it to the bottom of the ridge.. A Pain.. a burning, pain, in his right shoulder.. it took the wind out of him, still, he moved, still he struggled forward, he had to make it, his life depended on it..

The End

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