Krista  stood behind me as we were watching t.v. She begged us to find a boyfriend for her. All we said was " I don't think anyone is interested in you right now. " The real reason was because no one really likes her, but me and Mackenzie. Krista went to the couch. She was eating like, the third potato chip bag.

Earlier, me and Mackenzie had a long talk with eachother. I did the signal. I started by turning of the t.v. Then Mackenzie started. She said "Krista, we love to have you stay, but your just to much." At that moment, Krista looked interested. She had no clue what she was doing. I continued  "The list you gave us was pretty long. We only have money to survive for a month right now.

"If we buy you everything, well... we can only survive like only a day!" At that moment, Krista had the look on her face, the puzzled face. "We feel sorry about your mom but, what about your dad?" Krista looked at the floor. She said " Well, my dad and I never got along." We only replied as "Oh." So I thought "Hey, why don't we go to him and talk to him?" I said it out loud and Krista relied  "NO! He ran away when I was 5."  Then I said why don't we try to find him?" It was silence for a long time. Krista didn't think this was a good idea but she just said "Fine."

We started on our journey.

The End

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