Krista was in our home, still sobbing. Krista was very upset. I tried to encourage her but, she was still upset. After a long talk with her, she came out happy.   Mackenzie's expression was in a surprise. Also, Mackenzie's fangs grew more. Mine are like, still little.

We went into the kitchen and asked if she would like something to eat. She replied "Yes."  Me and Mackenzie searched and to everything, she said "No." Until we got to potato chips. She ate them all and then asked for a drink. She asked for just water. We didn't have much of water since we were vampires. So she ended up drinking all our water. Then she went to the bathroom.

That night, we all went to sleep, except Krista. We woke up at 1:00 hearing loud music. Mackenzie and I both went in the quest room finding Krista wide awake. We both thought the same thing, "We are gonna have to get more food and ear muffs." We asked if she could turn it down. she turned it 1 notch down. We asked like 20 times. She turned it down 1 or 2 notches down each time.

The next morning, me and Mackenzie found Krista making breakfast.

The End

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