Long Journey Home

I stood on the ground, underneath all the elements in the big open sky. There was no one around to tell me that I'd be fine, just the voice in my head. You lay the other side of the ocean, a thousand million miles from my fingertips, but I could feel you.

I ran as fast as I could, arms outstretched, up the mountain until the winds caught my hands, and lifted me high, high into the skies, until I reached the clouds. Your smile, your shining eyes, I kept them in my mind's eye all the time.

But the clouds grew angry with me being there, and soon turned from white to grey to black. They threw lightning, and shook me with their thunderous powers, but I never let go of the faith that you were still waiting for me. My faith blew me upwards, up above the angry clouds and into the sunshine. I slid across the top of those clouds until they became light and clear again.

As I flew over the ocean, the skies showered me with their painful tears, but the sun spotted me and shone its rays at those drops of rain to create a rainbow.

I jumped onto it, and slid right down into the lulling waves of the sea, where I lay perfectly content, and they carried me right onto the shore, and lapped over me while I, exhausted, lay sleeping.

Just as I thought my journey was over, two loving hands wrapped themselves around me, and carried me home.

You were waiting, just as you promised. 

The End

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