The longer trip, through the western rim's veiled groves

Although the western path is largely unseen, you feel confident enough to make it through the forest largely unscathed. Plus, you say to yourself as you make your way to the woods, you would probably find more to eat...small game, berries, even some edible roots...hopefully.

It was only when you arrived at the treeline that the sheer immensity of the trees struck you. Towering perhaps ten to fifteeen feet above your head, their tops swaying in the gentle wind, they were by far the tallest you had ever seen. A sliver of doubt about your decision wormed its way into your mind but you pushed it away before it could grab hold. You had made your choice; you had to stick with it.

With the first step into the grove your tension eased, and you even dared smile a little. This place felt welcoming, despite the fact that you had never been here before. "Ah, but who says you haven't?" The voice, coming out of nowhere, made you jump. "Who said that?" you called out, your eyes darting around. Fresh doubts assailed you, and you wondered if you should just turn around and take your chances on the eastern path.

The End

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