Make the long trek around the bay into unfamiliar terrotory, alone.

You ignore deep Fanek.  Your father's father was called Wind's Herald, and your father after him was called Swifter Than Wind - and you, you are a true son, though not yet so storied as to wear a Calling of your own.  You trust in your body, and in your feet; these shall deliver you to the mountains, and they will fly truer than any floating idol you could fashion.  (Though to tell truth, there are very, very many things more trustworthy than a boat made by your hands.)

But though you are decided for Fanek's edge, you must now choose which edge - eastern or western? - to descend.

The eastern edge of the bay is far straighter than the undulating western rim, but it's also rockier, jagged with granite spines and sheer drops.  Sustenance could be spare, but you would starve on berries and scrabbling lizards for two weeks at the most.

The western rim is more measured in its terrain, but its travails are hidden from you by a wall of green.  A great forest of pines lines the shore, distorting the scale and depth of the rim.  It's clearly longer than the eastern side - but you cannot tell whether it would take three weeks or three months to cross it.  Winter might fall upon you in that time, and it would go hard on you in an alien forest.

Which path will you walk?

The End

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