Brave the shallow waters of the wide but narrow bay in a craft of your own construction, alone.

The Wide But Narrow Bay is a legendary bay of the conenant's legends. It is said that when The Mother was creating Earth, she was most meticulous, but nearing the end she was tired of her painstakingly detailed work, and did not pay close attention near the end of creation. She made but one mistake, and The Wide But Narrow Bay happened to be it.

When you come upon this bay it may be wide, or it may be narrow, but never in between. It is always nearly impassible, or just a jump to cross. Some have been said to walk over it with out realization. And others have mistaken it for the great water, Pa'Sif Eck'O Sin. What ever you first see it as, it will never be again, and in a group, all see it different. That did not matter for you, however. You travel with no other, and plan never to return.

In your case, The Wide But Narow Bay seems to be nearly impassible.

The End

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