Begin your long journey to the Guldaj as the dream urged.

It's late in the day, but you can still go some distance before darkness makes your trek too dangerous. You have a long journey ahead of you. You decide you'd better make the most of the daylight hours you have left. You eat a few more of the strange but sweet red fruits, and make a pack from some large leaves to carry more with you. The unknown country ahead might not provide much to sustain you. It's better to travel prepared.

The day is warm and biting insects are soon buzzing around you, ready to make a meal on any exposed skin they can reach. It feels like you're spending as much energy to wave them away as you do walking beside the bay of Fanek. You move closer to the trees a short way inland from the bay to take advantage of their shade.

With the constant irritants of heat and insects to distract you, it takes some time before you notice anything wrong. Finally, the warning of your hunter's senses breaks through your distraction. Something is moving stealthily through the trees behind you.

Something is stalking you.

The hair on the back of your neck rises as you become increasingly aware of phantom prickling down your spine, a feeling that tells you that you're being watched.

You don't know what's following you. Your heart races and your instincts give you two contradictory messages. Your hand tightens around the shaft of your spear and you know you must choose.

The End

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