Lonely Tree

A sad story


I was a lonely tree standing in the a field and one day a little boy came a long and he asked me why I was the only one here. I told him. One day a couple of teenagers came to the forest to light some fireworks I was in the middle of the forest and they were right next to me when they lit them the firework tipped over and it went flying into another tree it lit on fire. The fire jumped to the other trees it kept spreading I could here the screams of the other trees around me I was scared I thought I was going to die all of the trees burnt down I was standing there alone and cold then I herd a little scream it was a tiny tree standing with no one to take care of it but then a burnt tree was standing next it but a branch fell and it smashed the little tree and the screaming stopped them some firefighters came they spayed everything so the fire wouldn’t start up again I tried to tell them to dig me up and put me in a different forest but they didn’t here me they left the cops came and tried to figure out why the fire started then they found a piece of a fire work but they didn’t know who did it they left and know I was truly alone standing in the forest by himself lonely and cold.

The End

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