The Next StepMature

LL moved into a phase of her life that she thought would last forever. She had a man that ticked almost all of her boxes and she was happy in her life with him. Just as she had settled down and was looking forward to her future growing old with him, disaster struck.


From the start, LL had been aware that her man was not in the best of health. Over the course of their time together she had seen his energy levels drop, seen him exhausted in the mornings and other signs too. She knew he had seen the doctor for blood tests and the day came that he was ready to tell her the results of those tests.


The illness that he had was galloping ahead at an unheard of rate and the doctor advised that he should adopt a retiree lifestyle as soon as possible. When the man had moved into his new house, he had factored working for another ten years into his finances and this was clearly no longer possible.


What was also clearly impossible was providing a new home for LL and her children and this was something he and LL had planned from the start. He was an honourable man and had uni-laterally decided that he had no recourse other than to set her free, to find the one that could do for her what he no longer could.


LL was alone and oh so lonely again. More lonely than ever before because for almost three years she had felt more cherished and loved than at any other point in her life.


LL is looking again.

The End

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