Moving InMature

Then the geek lost his car and his job and LL offered to lend him her car so that he could go and visit his estranged child. LL and her eldest child collected him and after an hour of pleasure together, he drove away in her car.

When the geek was late returning with the car the next day, LL turned on her computer and got a flag to say there was a mail at the address she used only for him. When she checked it out she found it was from a lady asking why LL was emailing her boyfriend.

LL replied to the lady that she had been assured by the geek that he was single, however the mails that followed convinced her that it was in fact true and she had inadvertently been sleeping with someone else's man. The last mail from the lady stated that the geek would now he homeless as well as jobless and car less.

Not so, LL took him in.

The End

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