Its in our nature you see. A human cries for help, and I mean a cry that goes soul deep, from the very core of their being. A cry for help like that resonates and we listen for those calls. Ever felt that you just simply could not carry on for another second? That even a minute longer is just too much? When you hold that blade to your throat or those pills in your palm and everything is screaming at you to end it…we are the ones that whisper in your ear to just hold on a little longer. Just one more day. One more hour, one more minute. We hold off those urges until someone else steps in.

Except, when the magic faded, it became harder and harder for us to manage it. We did our best, we tried so hard to save them all. But more and more people began to burn out. Their screams echoed in our emptying halls as my race faded. We tried so hard. As we fade, the screams grew. Some turned their backs, saying that our race needed to be saved too. That we should stop helping the humans to protect ourselves. It was all wrong, so very wrong. Against the essence of what we were. What I still am. We fell to war. Us, creatures made to heal and protect, the guardians of humanity. At war. We turned on ourselves and humanity screamed, unheard as the magic faded from the Earth. And all the while, all I did was fall in love with a human.

The humans call us many things. I guess their favourite name for us is angel, but we call ourselves the Arcadia, after our…realm or planet or dimension. I don’t know what exactly it is. All I know is that it exists in parallel to the human world. That’s how the screams echo through. We’re so close. But the humans can never know about us. Its forbidden for a human to see us. I don’t know why to be honest, but we’re only ever allowed to be that whisper in their mind. Maybe a subtle nudge that makes them drop the pill or makes the knife slip from that fatal path. But we must never be seen by them. No matter what.

While the wars raged and the magic faded, I kept my head down and did my job. But I did the worst thing of all. I broke the rules. I showed myself to a human.  

The End

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