Lonely AngelMature


I always wondered why I did this. They call my name and while all the others have faded, I still answer. I think I’m the last one now. Since the magic faded from the Earth and angels stopped coming. It happened so slowly. Before, legends and myths walked side by side with humans and the trees. Then they began to fade. Like water drying on hot stone. Even we didn’t notice it at first. Then it crept into gossip and soon it raged across our world like flame. Magic was vanishing from Earth. Just…fading away as though it had never existed. Though, an imprint still remained. In the books and the stories of the humans, who seemed immune to the phenomenon. They were never particularly magical beings, but the scattered abilities remained, just buried in their blood now. Some of them tap into it, but these days, it’s laughed at. Science is their new magic; they have no need for the old Lore. I’m all that’s left now. The others faded, along with the dragons and the faeries. Don’t ask me why I’m special. I wasn’t the most powerful, I certainly wasn’t the best of us. Castiel for example, he was…incredible. He was one of the few names that remained. He gave his life to the humans and considering that we’re pretty tricky to kill, that’s saying a lot. Me, I just kept quiet and did what I was asked when I was called. Oh, and I fell in love with a human. 

The End

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