Lonely Andromeda Nights

A sort of variation-on-a-theme type fanfic... The various (mis)adventures of an Andromedese hitchhiker who has the tendency to get into some spots of trouble.

A little bit of history...

Back in the Earth's 1980's, so they tell us, in a fairly-popular book there was a slight scare that the Vogons were coming to blow up the "insignificant" pale blue dot.  Of course, nothing happened, and most people brushed it off as fiction.

Others, however, knew a little better.

These folks--mostly sci-fi enthusiasts, off-kilter engineers, mathematicians with a thing for multiples of six and seven, and dolphin trainers, but others as well--somehow got together and decided this risk was too much, that enough was enough as far as the Vogon issue was concerned, and that it was time to get out while the going was good.  Mainstream Earth technology had recently gotten a little metal ball up in orbit and fellow humans on the moon after years of research, but with some dolphinian help and bending some apparent laws of physics that group got together a means of improbability-powered departure in six weeks flat.

The escape craft, maximum occupancy one-hundred at a stretch, was rough enough to make even a Vogon doubt if it would ever leave the atmosphere, forget making it out of the galaxy.

Any of the original engineers who happen to be around when this story's told, and who haven't either blown themselves up or gone psychotic, like to interject at this point that "That was the whole point!  It's improbability travel, isn't it?  One of the default calculations that ship used was the probability that that ol' hunk of metal would even become airborne!"  They'd then go off to find the nearest blank wall and start scribbling out the figures, but the rest of the folks listening to the story would just shake their heads and get back to the important bits.

This "ol' hunk of metal" not only got airborne, but surprisingly (but not to the engineers) it passed out of Earth's sector and into open space.  As the pale blue fleck of their home planet passed out of sight the group of planetary expatriates realized they really were leaving Earth.  They had just left behind all they knew and were passing into territory never seen by mankind, maybe never even dreamt of.

The ship passed through unfathomable space in a matter of days, thanks to improbability travel, and finally they passed into a new galaxy: the nearest galactic neighbor of Andromeda.  The ship, though, decided it had had enough at this point, and gently petered out on a small planet almost, but not entirely, like Earth.  There were a few native Andromedese folks living there, and others like them on neighboring planets, but they didn't mind taking in newcomers, even if they were human.

The original group of a hundred mixed and spread to occupy the other neighboring planets, and most did a pretty good job of blending into Outer Rim Andromedese culture.

For better or for worse, this is where I come in, a few generations later.

The End

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