Chapter ThreeMature



My eyes wearily opened, and the sun peeked through the curtains and shined on my almost naked body. I gasped, unaware for a second about where I was. I lay there in my underwear panicking, until I took a proper look around and noticed Katie next to me. We were in Katie's house. She was still fast asleep, the sunlight shining on her pale stomach. 

I stared at Katie for a few seconds, until she opened her eyes again. Last night seemed like a blur.. After Aaron stabbed me in the heart, Katie walked me home to her house in the cold dark night. I was crying so much so she wiped my tears away and told me to go to sleep. I undressed, though I had no pajamas, but Katie said she slept in her underwear anyway. So did I.

"Good morning." Katie smiled warmly.
"Hey." I replied. It wasn't cheery, but it wasn't cold. She could tell I was still upset over last night.

Katie sat up and pulled a flowery dress over her hair. She brushed her hair in the mirror, then paused at me. 

"Get ready then, Dakota. We're going to pay Aaron a visit." 

She sounded so serious it scared me, but I jumped up and pulled the dress I wore last night over my head, and slipped my heels on.

We walked out of the house looking terrible, but for once, I was too hurt to care.

When we got to Aaron's house, it was littered with KFC buckets and beer cans and vodka bottles. Kicking them out of the way, Katie lead up the garden path and pushed the door open. Several teenagers were sleeping on sofas in the living room looking worse than we did. But Katie didn't stop to look. She swiftly marched up the stairs and into Aaron's room, where he was slumped on the bed asleep.

Katie had never ever been violent, so what she did next suprised me. She grabbed his collar so his upper body moved. His eyes flicked open and after a few seconds, stared at Katie in horror.

"You fucking cunt! Don't you dare hurt Dakota, or fucking try it on with me, you slimy little bastard!" Katie slapped him hard around the cheek, and left him speechless with a red mark forming. She pushed him off the bed and sharply turned on her heel. She took my arm and led me out of the trashed house.

I smiled. Katie was lovely.

The End

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