Chapter TwoMature

2 months later;


Lay on Dakota's bed flicking through glossy teenage magazines, and reading the problem pages where girls fussed about stupid problems like 'my dad won't let me get my nose pierced'. Even I know the solution to that. Go get it pierced anyway. It's not your dad's nose, is it? Jeez.

Dakota came back into the room, so I sat up, kicking my legs off the bed casually. 

"You ready, Katie? I can't be late for Aaron's party... I mean, I love him and everything. I want his birthday to be special." Dakota grinned, unaware of the agonising, hurtful thoughts inside my head.

Why did she love him? He barely had any good points. He was a stupid, spotty teenager with no future.. And I guess, Dakota loving Aaron hurt me. Because I kind of.. Well I did, love Dakota.

And she didn't even know.

I nodded my head and she smiled again. "Come on then Kate, let's go."

She took my hand and electric shot up my arm, making me feel all tingly. I smiled. She dragged me out of the door at full speed, eager to get to Aaron's house before anyone else. It was 8'o clock, half an hour early. 

Dakota looked beautiful. She wore a slinky, sequinned black dress, with white high heels. The dress clung to her thin but curved body stunningly. Her hair was back combed, and it was now an auburn colour which made her pale skin stand out, giving her such a vibrant look.

My own black hair was back combed, but I knew I couldn't stand out as much as Dakota did. I had a zebra print dress with red high heels and tons of eye liner and mascara, so my eyes were well defined. I almost broke my heels by the way Dakota was pulling me down the street. It was freezing and the cold wind slapped my body from all directions.

Eventually, we got there. But everyone else was there too. The music was blaring, and Dakota deatachted herself from me and ran over to Aaron, smiling sweetly and fluttering her eyelashes. I sighed, walking over to the sofas and perching on one while boys walked over, trying there luck with me. With each one, I firmly told them I liked girls, but none of them listened, until it came to a point where I went into the busy but cold garden, and sat on a lonely bench.

Sitting there for a few minutes, I then saw Aaron approach me. He probably wanted to tell me my 'Best Friend' had collapsed or fainted or passed out of something. But he didn't. Instead, he sat next to me, fidgeted with his fingers for a minute in silence, then suddenly pulled me forward and kissed me. I resisted almost immediately. 

"GET OFF ME!" I screamed angrily, pushing him and attracting attention to everyone else in the garden.

I looked up and saw Dakota standing next to me.

"Aaron?" She struggled to say, tears welling up in her now dull eyes.

"Dakota... I can explain, I-I-I, I mean s-s-she kissed me first!" He began to shout, but she cried even more. 

"No she didn't, Aaron. I saw you. She pushed you away. How could you?" Dakota waited a few seconds before running off, down the garden path and out of the side gate. I ran after her, tripping several times.

"Dakota.." I grabbed her arm and stopped her when we were at the bottom of the street. "I'm so sorry."

She was shivering, so I took my cardigan from around me and placed it on her shoulders gently. Tears slid down her pale cheeks as she tried to say something.

"Boys are dicks." She trembled.

"I know. Let's go home." I replied, as we walked off into the night.

The End

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