Flicking through a old photo album, I smiled for a minute, realising all the times we shared together. But then my smile turned into a frown, realising we could never have them times again.

She'd moved to America. I begged and begged and begged her parents to stay in England, but like they listened to me. Katie was gone.

So here goes. Here's the story of Katie and I.


It was just a normal day, to be honest. School was boring, I hated every second of it, but today was different. Sat in form with Arika and Laura, iPod plugged in, blocking out the world by the sweet sound of music. But no-one could distract me when the girl walked into the room.

The most wonderful girl in the world, but I didn't know it yet.

Black hair flowing down her back, sparkly blue eyes and the palest skin ever, she was gorgeous. She waltzed in, introduced herself to Mrs Clarkson, and then announced she was new. So much confidence. The boys eyed her up and down hungrily, and I tutted. Turning to my boyfriend, Aaron, I was suprised to see him eyeing her too.

"Aaron. You're with me, idiot." I reminded him, nudging him on the shoulder.
"Yeah, yeah.." He replied, not concentrating on me one little bit. I doubt he even heard what I had just said. I tried again.

"AARON, YOU FUCKING MORON! STOP LOOKING AT HER." I yelled, punching him in his arm while the rest of the class looked alarmed. The new girl, who was called Katie, raised her perfectly shaped arch eyebrows at me. I flushed pink, not meaning it  to come out that loud. But when I looked at her again, she grinned apologetically. That was good enough for me.

A few minutes later, I found myself walking to English... With her tagging beside me. I smiled. 

"Hey, sorry about before. I'm Dakota." 
"Katie. Um, yeah it's okay. I don't like boys, you've got nothing to worry about." She replied gently, blushing slightly at the end.
"I know, they're so annoying sometimes, I don't like them a lot either." I misunderstood.
"No, I mean.. I'm a lesbian." She laughed.

Nice way to come out.

"Oh! Oh, oh, yeah nice!" I giggled uncertainly. I'd never really met a lesbian before, I lived in a small town and whoever WAS lesbian was probably in the closet. How could you tell you were a lesbian at 16?

Katie was in most of my classes, suprisingly. So, we decided to be friends.. 




The End

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