Lone X Rival

This is a work in progress. A lone traveler goes by the name of Lyrah: The Lone X Rival. She is a shape-shifter with a split personality and 119 years old with the appearance of 19 years of age. She travels town to town killing off monsters, beast, and evil. She is never staying in one town long. One day, she kills off a powerful beast and is extremely wounded and is in the search for help. She finds a cabin in is taken in by the owner who grows very closer to Lyrah.

Lone X Rival


            How grateful are you when a hero comes to your aid and slays the retched daemon from your village? Not thankful enough when it’s me saving you from death. I am Lyrah: The Lone X Rival. My everyday task, for what will seem for the rest of my life, is to slay, slaughter, and destroy beast, daemons, and monsters. The pay is good I will admit, but not so much the hospitality. It’s not a bad thing after all because once my task is complete; I am given my payment and wished on my merry way. No one has ever offered me a meal or shelter for the night. I always must pay with the payment I receive. There was only one time I was offered to live among a village, with one of its people. Until, that is, Lyra got in the way.

Chapter  1.

The sun had brought the forest to life, enlightening the forest canopy to the miraculous plants and small creatures of the wild on the forest floor. Silence would not be found here, only the chatter of birds and the breeze combing its way through the trees would be perceived.  A gentle stream made its way down the slopes of the hills onto the path where I was to rest. Blood trickled down my side onto the stream of water, creating an appearance of a rusty red color continuing onward.

I fell to my knees, coughing horribly enough to spit out blood. I was wounded pretty bad; blood had stained my torn clothes red. A large gash on the side of my waist had come from my previous encounter of a beast I had to face. Lucky enough, I had beaten the beast and had obtained the payment in advance. I grunted with a soft sigh, with this current condition, I wouldn’t have been able to travel back to the village the two days it had taken to even get close to the beast hideout.  

Holding onto my side with one hand, I grabbed onto a tree trunk with the other, pulling myself back up. Heavy pants of breath escaped my lips as I made my way towards smoke that seemed to have come from a chimney, it had meant either a village or a house where I could hopefully buy medical supplies and treat these wounds. Getting closer, my crimson eyes adjusted to the medium sized log cabin. I was only feet away. I clenched my teeth pulling my silver hair that had gotten splashed with blood out of my face holding fiercely onto my side. I had to get there before time ran out.

I could smell a man’s sweaty scent nearby, possibly hiding in the trees? When I got just feet away, the man had leaped from the tree, holding a hatchet in his hand snarling. “You have no right to be here, leave now.” He bellowed from feet away.

 It was then after saying that I noticed his eyes adverting to the trail of blood behind me. To give a better view, I had moved to stand as straight as possible, revealing the injured side of me with a small smirk. He gritted his teeth, possibly feeling a bit annoyed that I had brought my problems to his place. This was normal. “Yeah? What are you going to do about it!” I snared back nearly laughing at the stupidity. “Going to chop me up into little pieces? Eat me with squirrel stew?” I continued to laugh at myself while coughing up some blood. It had tickled down from my lips to my chin.

I could see the annoyance in his eye, it fuelled me even further. “Let’s see how strong you are against me!” I pulled out my dual blades quickly, still trying to stand straight as I moved to fighting stance. Lyra, stop it. He is wanting to help us!

 “I don’t care,” I said to Lyrah. “He is picking a fight with telling me to go away, I will just knock him out to get supplies and go.” I spat the blood onto the ground smiling a bit maliciously. “Well? Are we doing to do this?” I shouted loudly.  

He sighed a bit and shook his head. “You’re asking for trouble if you want to fight. You are in no condition, but if this is what you wish, so be it.” He stood there, holding the hatchet in a ready to swing position.

Stop! You’ll die! I shrugged it off and leaped a foot forward before falling flat on my face. “Damnit Lyrah!” I growled as I exhaled softly as we switched places as i saw the strands of my silver hair go soft pink.  

I awoke with the male standing over me with a puzzled look. He seemed to want to ask many questions with the way he had narrowed his eyes as I looked up at him. I began to sit up as my soft pink hair fell behind my shoulders with a sweep of my hand removing the hair off the side of my sweaty cheek. He held out his hands, stopping me from sitting up even more.

“You need to lie down and let your wound heal. It will tear again if you sit up anymore.” He said softly as if he hadn’t spoken in a while.

“Thank you.” I said quietly as I laid my head back down with a soft sigh of feeling useless. I looked down at my side; it had been covered with a strange white cotton wrap. I that somewhat gone red with blood but seemed to stop bleeding a while ago. “How long have I been out?” I asked yawning a bit.

“About 12 hours now, you lost a lot of blood. I do not know what more to do other then what I have done so far. I have gathered some food for you to eat to gain your health back.” He replied grabbing a plate with fruits, veggies and some meat.

I smiled hungrily and nodded in apprication. “My bag, that has coins in it, you may help yourself to some for your generosity, food and shelter you have provided for me. I will be on my way as soon as I can walk without tearing the wound… Should be a few more hours to a day.” I said sighing again closing my eyes. There went that money… I said to myself looking back up at him. “Am I able to use my arms to eat?”

“I will accept whatever you give me, though I would only need it to refill my medical supplies next time I head into town. Prefer you not to use your arms; any movement can reopen the wound. I will—. I can help feed you if you want.” He was somewhat handsome. When he said that I instantly blushed. His hair was a bit long in dark golden brown locks. He had beautiful green eyes with a very well defined body that showed the hard work he had done by himself to this place. 


The End

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