The Good, The Bad, The Lonely

Later than night Lily and I sat on the worn and outdated carpet in the basement guest room that held various mismatching couches and chairs. She still lived with her parents as she had failed to plan out her life otherwise... Not like I was judging her in anyway. She was my best friend and only friend at this point in time.

Lily was leaned over her upright knee and proceeded to apply a thick and goopy layer of fuschia nail polish on her toenails. I wasn't the biggest fan of wearing flip flops at the end of fall so painting my fingernails was enough for me.

"How do you do it, Flo?" She said, her voice heavy with emotion. Her eyes looked kind of puffy from hours of crying earlier that day, but she remained composed.

I looked up at her wondering what she mean by that. "Do what?"

"Don't tell me you don't know what you mean." She sighed. "You don't know how lucky you are."

She was right. I didn't. Probably I did take advantage of many things that I had... I never had been the one to brag about what I did have. Maybe I should be a little more grateful.

She continued, her demeanor becoming a little more bitter at this point. "I mean, you have the life that I always wanted for myself. You don't live with your parents, or your pesky younger brother... You have the perfect boyfriend who would do absolutely anything for you. You even have a job-"

"By job you mean, working at McDonalds?" I added sarcastically. "It's not exactly what you call a dream job, Lil'."

"You know what I mean. I have nothing. The only money I make is watching my pesky 2 year old cousins that terrorize me. Even then I'm lucky to make ten dollars!"

I shrugged. I didn't know what else to say to that without sounding stupid or acting like a terrible friend. "Maybe it's your chance to do all of that now. It was Jasper that was holding you back, remember?"

Her eyes shined at the thought. "Maybe you are right! But..." She looked off at the furthest part of the room. "Where do I start?"

"If you want I can recommend you to where I work." I added supportingly. "They are always hiring."

She screwed the cap back on the nail polish and laid back on the carpeted floor. She sighed anxiously. "Are you sure that's a good idea?"

"What do you mean?"

"What if I'm not ready. What if Jasper comes back? Better yet, how am I going to get to work?"

This wasn't working.

"I thought that Jasper was out of the picture." I said sternly. "You don't want Jasper back, remember?"

"But... I know that Jasper still loves me thought. And I can't just turn off my feelings about him."

"I know, Lil', but think of why he always leaves you like this. He's trying to move on with another girl. He's probably screwing around without who knows how many."

"Flo?" she asked, her voice wavering in fear. "Do you think that he leaves me because I won't put out?"

I didn't say anything for a while. "I don't know... But if he leaves you because he wants to have sex, then I say that he's not worth it."

Lily wiggled her toes and admired them sulkily. "I want to wait... but I want Jasper, too."

While she wasn't noticing I shook my head. She doesn't sound like she is thinking logically. She obviously wanted Jasper, but I knew that he wasn't good for her. What could I do to help without making things worse. "You know what... Me and Eric know someone that you might like. How about we do a double date sometime. What do you think, Lily?"

She smiled weakly. "I guess so. What's his name?"

I waved my hands in the air as the nail polish was still drying. "Richard. He's really nice and I think that you would come to like him."

"You think so?"

"I know so. Here-" I reached into my pocket in my new change of clothes and grabbed my phone, waving it in front of Lily's face. "Let's give him a call right now and set it up."

"Wait!" Lily complained quietly. "I'm not so sure about this. I mean... I don't think I'm ready for anything so suddenly."

"Lily...!" I sighed. "If you want to change your life you have to try and take that chance. I'm trying to go out of my way for you here... but I don't think you want me to. If you want a job, go out and find one besides settling. If you want an amazing boyfriend that treats you like a princess, leave Jasper behind and find one... Look. I don't want to sound rude... but if you want my help then take it... If you don't...well, don't come to me crying."

"Oh." She sat up and hugged her legs pressing them close to her chest. "I'm sorry you feel that way, Flo."

"Hey, Lily. I am your best friend. I am. But it's hard to watch you do this to yourself over and over and over again. I just don't like to be asked for advice on what you should do if you don't ever take it. It just.... It hurts my feelings, too." I stood up and slung my purse over my shoulder and put my phone away back in the pocket of my sweats. Already I think I have overstayed my welcome and Lily refused to look in my direction. It was my time to head out. "I'm sorry... but I'm going to go home. If you want to take me up on the double date with Richard, or for whoever for that matter, let me know. Same with the job. Well, bye Lil's." I walked around the corner and up the stairs. A part of me felt bad for just letting my emotions spew like that, but another hoped it sunk in. I just hoped that this Jasper wasn't going to be the one that split us apart.

The End

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