On Again, Off Again

Eh.... When did it begin to rain? I thought gloomily as I took my purse between my clenched graps, readying it over my head. The pounding downpour was a fuzzy haze in front of me as I tried to squint to see my car out in the mess.

The white, rusted Celica was just barely visible from where I stood and without any second thoughts, I made my run for it. My purse was way too small to shield me from the beating which  felt like needles against my sensitive skin. It was one of those moments that an umbrella would have been nice, but it never rained often and carrying around an umbrella was just too much for the occasional showers.

I got to the drivers door and threw my purse on the top of the car as it was of no use for me at the moment. Frantically I reached deep in my pocket, and then the other, to find where I had placed the keys. 

"Where are they, darn it!" I hissed between my clenched teeth. Just when I thought that I lost them, I heard the jingling of the keys amongst my fingers. Without thought I pulled them and fumbled through them for the right one to safe me from this weather.

Forcing it in the car door I turned it clockwise, grabbed the purse I was about to forget about and slid into the worn drivers seat. The door slammed beside me and instantly the air felt more frigid than I had remembered it being just a few moments ago.

I quickly ran my hands up and down my arms in an attempt to feel warm, only to feel the dampness of my heavy clothes cling to me. Just what I wanted to start my day out doing..

Swallowing my irritation I turned the key in the ignition. It choked as the engine tried to turn over.



No, please! Don't do this to me now, I prayed as I tried once again.


It roared to life and the radio played a song with too much base and pointless lyrics. I turned the dial down until I couldn't hear it over the roar of the engine and proceeded to reverse out of the parking space and coast through the overpacked parking lot to the entrance of the street. I grew impatient as I waited for an opening between the back to back vehicles. It happened to be one of the only negative things I could complain of about this apartment complex. Way too crowded with cars and all exits lead to the busiest road in a 5 block radius.

Ringing sounded from my purse and I sighed with frustration. Why, of all times? I grabbed it from the passenger seat and rummaged through all the needless junk within to uncover my phone. It was Trish.

A horn honked from behind. I glanced into the rearview mirror and saw a line of two other cars behind me through the rain streaked back window. A gutteral growl came from my throat as I threw the phone between my legs and took the next empty gap as the engine roared beneath the press of my foot.

I quickly answered the phone and pressed it up against my ear between my shoulder and kept both hands on the wheel still. 

"Hello?" I said into it, uncomfortably panicking. I hated to talk on the phone while I was driving, so I wanted to keep this short.

"Hey, Flo!... How are you doin'?", the perky personality responded back.

"Good.... um, good. You?"

Lily sighed and her voice changed. "Not so good. It's Jasper..."

Oh, no. Jasper. Her on again off again boyfriend. I can only assume at this point in this brief conversation, he's off again, again. "He didn't... You know what. How about I come over in a little bit, okay?" 

"That sounds good..." I could imagine her now smiling as she proceeded to speak. "Plus you can tell me about you and Eric."

I shook my head to myself. To her she thought that Eric and I were in this perfect relationship. Now that I think about it, maybe compared to her relationship with Jasper, it was pretty close to that. But she loved to hear about us, which was weird to me, but she was my friend and if she wasn't there to talk to, I don't know who would be.

"Fine. But, hey. I got to go. I'm in the middle of going to pick up groceries and... ya. I'll see you soon, 'kay?"

"Okay. I'll talk to you soon. Bye."

"Bye." I said quietly before disconnecting the call and focused through the swift windshield wipers and relentless rain.


The End

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