Unsure Stance

Flora Smalls' life was very easy to say the very least. Out on her own and content with her boyfriend, Eric, she feels whole... Everything is perfect, but doesn't know how to show how she feels. She stumbles upon a beautiful pendant that grants her the ability to transform into a wolf. She is happy to be part of this new life, until she finds herself tied up in the premeditated plot of a werewolf hunter.

"I love you, Flora Smalls." Eric whispered into my ear, his warm breath tickling my lobe. His growing scruff on his face rubbed roughly against my cheek. Normally I would have pushed him away at the thought of it, but this time I welcomed his closeness. 

I opened my eyes to the man of my dreams, the very support of my existence. "I love you, too." I quietly said back to him in a hushed tone as my hand grabbed the side of his face longingly. The side of my thumb rubbed just above his brow as they trailed the pressed lines that he would get as he smiled.

Those handsome hazel eyes pierced me, like he was looking straight past my outer self and at the true me. I looked away shyly trying to dismiss the thought. I didn't want him to know the person behind my strong outer shell. All that he would find there is a weak girl who has no idea who she is or what she wants. There was only one thing that she had that made her a somebody. That was him.

"Are you okay, hun?" He said concerned, he leaned up from me and I could feel his stare looking me over in confusion. 

I bit my tongue to hold back all that I wanted to say. To blurt out that I wasn't okay. That I just wanted him to hold me tight and never let me go. To be able to feel his warm body next to me and for his lips to melt into mine... but I guess we were past that point now.

"Yes." I said unconvincingly. I hated how I couldn't lie. He was smarter than that and knew that it was just another wall I put up between us. "I...I feel like we might be taking this a bit fast." I lied. "I do love you, but... maybe this relationship is going to fast." Truth was I wanted him. But the wall was the only thing that felt like it was protecting me. My own comfort bubble.

He sat up now and straightened the wrinkles in his navy blue v-neck. "I'm sorry. I guess that a lot of that is my fault." He tried to smile, secretly showing his dimples. "I have to admit. The guy part of me really wants you."

Nothing felt better than to want to throw my face repeatedly into a brick wall. "I'm sorry." I folded my legs together in front of me and sat right in front of him. I took his large, rough hands within my dainty ones and stroked them lovingly. "I think I'm afraid of what will happen if we do... you know... take that next step."

He nodded his head, his bottom lip protruding in thought. He tightened his grip on mine. "Flora. I just want to let you know that things will never change. Ever. I will always be the one that loves you, the one that will be beside you until you grow old. Also I think it's important that you know also that I respect you. I respect your decisions and if you want to wait to do anything serious, I will wait."

My eyes grew misty and I fought them to keep dry. "Okay." My lips were tight and forced. I wanted to show him my joy, my happiness, but I felt like I disappointed him as I was always the one to reject.

"You know what..." He reached behind him and out of the blanket grabbed two red solo cups and a bottle of $2 sparkling grape juice. "I think this calls for a clean, delicious drink, my dear!" He set the cups beside us and slowly began pouring. "Say, 'when'!".

I watched the frothy drink fill to the brim. "When!" I laughed in delight. He knew that I loved sparkling juices, and of course the non alcoholic kind. He lifted the cup and handed it to me. My hand encircled the cup and I guided it to my lips, sipping on the foamy goodness on top. Mmm... I hummed out loud.

"I hope you like." He chuckled. "Got it on sale. I hope that makes it that much better!" He took a drink. "So here is to you and me."

The fruity taste lingered on my tongue. "To you and me." A part of me wanted to kiss him. To kiss him so passionately... I wanted him to know how much I wanted him, needed him.

Maybe I should lean over and surprise him. He was so near... so handsome... so distracted with his drink. Plus being beneath this blanket fort between the couches, it all felt so warm, so romantic.

I leaned closer trying to act inconspicuous. 

Taking the last few drops from the drink he balanced the cup on his lap. "Well, I guess I better head out. It's getting late and I don't want to be too much more of a bother. If you know what I mean." He gave a quick wink and crawled out of the cave-like tent that we had created.

I followed behind, my knees chaffing on the rough carpet below me. I stood up as I exited and assisted him in folding up the blankets we had sprawled all over my living room. One by one we sat them on the cushion and as we finished Eric took them all in both arms and walked to the bedroom to put them away in my closet where we had gotten them.

As soon as he set them down he turned toward me who had followed him, probably like a lost little puppy. The room was dark as the sun had set several hours ago. I nervously licked my lips and looked up at him. He returned the look very seriously where he grabbed the top of my shoulders before letting them slide down slowly to my hands.

"Flora." He stood silent for a minute.


He sighed and pulled me close to his chest. "I hate leaving you like this... It just feels like we have so much to talk about."

I fell into his embrace, his warmth spreading to all parts of me, new feelings I never thought I had before began to emerge. He pulled me away.

"Promise that we'll talk later?" He said softly but stern.

I nodded. "I promise." Suddenly everything inside me became erratic and went in knots. Talking was so hard for me, which was something I didn't understand. Am I meant to be miserable and alone for the rest of my life, because that's the way I was programmed to be. A crazy cat lady that could only express herself through her felines.

"Okay." He kissed my forehead gently. "Have a good nice, Flora-bug. I will see myself out." He walked out the bedroom door and down the hallway before calling out, "I'll text you when I get home!".

The front door sealed shut after he left. The apartment felt colder and more empty than it normally did. I shivered and laid across my bed without bothering to change out of my clothes. Then I waited to hear from him again.

The End

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