Lone Witness

Ugh.... Where am I? I just see white all around me... It's very warm... Slowly things come back into focus, and I see myself on the hospital bed.

"Look's like your up" said someone to my left, I turned and saw my friend, Corporal Mel, leaning against the desk, "your lucky to be alive you know, just a couple of burns and scratches, lucky considering what you just went through"

"Huh? What are you talking about?" I inquired, completely confused.

"Still dazed, it looks like", he said with a chuckle, then he pulled out a bloody pistol, wrapped in linen, and handed it to me, "Yours I believe" 

Then it all came back to me in a flash. I was with my patrol, and it was simply freezing. We had stopped for a coffee break, when the rear jeep exploded into flames. Private Steve had been thrown into the air by the blast, and was lying on the ground, next to me; everything moved slowly.

"Cover! Take Cover!" I yelled, and then, "Alpha Code Thirteen, I repeat Alpha Code Thirteen, we are under attack. Bring reinforcements, and medics. 6 miles south of Canto road," into my mike. 

Even as I rushed for to get behind something, the ground behind my erupted and I too, was thrown into the air. Ugh.. that hurt, but I kept my head down and crawled for the cover of a truck near me, now gunfire was bursting out on both sides, I could hear shouts and screaming from both sides, with another occasional explosion every few seconds. I rolled behind the truck and took out my rifle, a specialty-issue g36, equipped with a scope. I fired several shots, and then ducked behind the truck; I took out a small mirror, and used it to find the position of whoever was shooting at it. I saw a green, visored helmet-Kalathi- and I cursed silently under my breath. I sprinted to the other end of the truck, and carefully sighted down below the brush, where I last saw him, and fired a stream of shots, in a horizontal line; sure enough I heard several gasps, and saw an arm flop out. I fired 3 shots above the arm, threw a grenade. I waited for the explosion, and turned on my combat radio. 

"Commander Xavier here, report in" I calmly said into the radio.

"Private Brandon reporting, sir! We've fought them off, it turns out they were Kalathi, those devils want to start a war-

"At ease, private, what are the casualties?" 

"We lost 4 men: Rob, Kevin, John, and Stanley. Steve is unconscious, Phil, has been stunned, and Jim has lost an arm and an leg."

7 men unable to fight, I was now at a third of my original fighting force. "Alright, regroup back to Canto, bring the wounded onto the truck, and then let the reinforcements bury the dead. Before we go though, salute your fallen brothers"


As I turned off my radio, and started going back towards my squad, I heard a small clink, and I turned around, it was a grenade.

"Oh -"


I fell myself fly through the air and land on my side, my back was burned, and everything was going black... I heard my comrades running towards me, and then nothing... 

The End

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