Lone Red Cloud

I came up with this story wile on the bus going to school, and with the sunrise only one little cloud was red. the rest were gray.

       Yurika crouched behind a small sagebrush. The needle like twigs pressed against her face softly as she peered out over the grassy hill.  In the rising sun the golden fog was just begining to clear.  An elk's bugle sounded in the cool, fresh mountain air of dawn.  The large animal was topped with a giant pair of antlers. His body strong and covered with a thick coat of fur. But that's not what Yurika was aiming for.  At least twenty old cows surrounded him. Female elk. Snorting loudly as they dug up roots and grass from the frost covered ground.

   A cow would be fine. Or better yet, a young Spike.  But it would have to be small.  Yurika clutched her bow tightly. Though her arrows were of fine quallity. It could only take down a young elk at best. Those arrow heads could never even dream to take down a bull that big..  Quietly Yurika scanned the herd. The automn breeze blew her creamy brown hair around her face.  Bringing the smell of fallen leaves, ripe berries, and saps. 

  Licking her dry lips. Yurika sighlently pulled a long arrow from her pack and placed it gently in position on her bow.   Taking aim at a young Cow, she pulled back as far as her arm would let her. Then inhaling sharply, she released her hand.  The arrow shot forward with such speed it was almost soundless. There was a deafaning  thud as her weapon positioned itself into the elk's body just behind the front leg. a direct hit. It didn't even wail. just dropped to the ground like a pile of bricks.  The rest of the herd reared up in confusion and fear and galloped away through the sun's rays that were just peaking through the mountains.  Yurika stood. A brod grin on her face. Another succesfull hunt.  They would be feasting like kings tonight.

     She slung her pack over her sholder and stodd, brushing grass and leaves from her raggy cloths.  She would smell like sweet sage and pine for a wile. But that was okay.  Yurika was so focused on the meal on the hill before her she didnt even notice the heavy crunch behind her.  Within seconds something large and heavy slammed into her back, knocking her to the grount, her air whooshed from her lungs in a wave.

  Yurika gasped as she was pinned to the ground by a heavy creature.  There was a snort in her ear. The aroma of dirt and animal filled her nose and she struggled to get away.  The beats pulled it's lips back in a snarl.  Yurika tried to turn her head for a better look, but she could'nt.  Se was pinned. Any second her throat could be torn out, or her back ripped open, or-

     "Pride got the better of you I'm afraid. "  A low, familiar voice sounded.  Yurika breathed out heavily.

    "Haze, get off of me."  She sighed.

   "Get off of me, what?"

    "Get off of me now!"  Yurika scolded. squirming again.

    "Not going to work Yuri."  The voice laughed.

    "Okay, get-off-me-please?"  

   Her captor concidered this for a moment then hopped to the side.  Yurika rolled onto her back and sat up with a groan.  Next to her. Haze sat lazely, licking dirt from his sholder.  He was a large, powerfull Timber Wolf.  With eyes the color of the sea after a storm.  Haze looked up at her, his nose twitching slightly.

  "If I had been an enemy you would'nt have stood a chance."  He stated. 

   "I know, I know."  Yurika growled pulling her shirt down over her stomach. "Watever. Come one, Help me carry my kill down." 

  Haze tilted his head, a tinge of sarcastic amusement on his face.  "Sorry?"

    "I meant, please will you use your amazing and great streanth to help my weak useless body carry our dinner down from the hill."

   Haze looked rather smug.  "Well, sense you said please...."  He stood up shaking dirt form his fur, Yurika hopped up onto his furry back and they took off towards the dead elk.


sorry i will finish soon

The End

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