'Wait. What?' J asked nervously, he had heard what Shooke had said but couldn't believe it.
'You think I am speical, god-like. Well, I'm not.' Shookes voice was low and dark, he sounded like the man you should stay away from, looked like it too. His small beard twisted and curved into a small spiral coming off his chin.
'Well, of course you are. I mean, you can read minds!' J said loudly.
'SHHH!' Shooke hissed. The girl with the iPod paused her purple Nano and looked confused at them.
They arrived at Crossgate, which drew the girls attention away, but she didn't get off and no one got on.
Shooke looked back to J. 'You must not let anyone know. Or they will make me show them how.' He whispered through his white teeth.
'Listen, boy. No matter how nice your friends are to you, you must not tell them my secret. Or yours.' J could tell he was getting angry, a vein pulsed in the mans  showing forehead.
'Don't worry. I don't have any friends. Except Rosa but she died a couple of weeks ago.' He looked at an empty Walkers crisp packet on the floor remembering Rosa.
'I'm sorry, kid. How did she die?' J had found Shookes sensative side.
'I fed her too much.' J answered sadly.
'Oh, she was a fish, right.' Shooke could control when he read minds, he hadn't been reading J's until now.

There was an awkward moment between them as Shooke started whistling and J put his cards back in his bag.
They had been on the train now for an hour and were headed for a long tunnel.

J suddenly realised what Shooke had said earlier, about him, J, having a secret. What secret could that be? He thought.
'I shall show you how to mind read, J. That will be your secret, and if you are anything like your father, you may progress with powers further.' Shooke answered J's thought.
'M-My father could do this?'
'Yes, J. Your father was not an ordinary man who sold ink. He progressed further with his powers, he could move objects with his mind. And I hope you will do that too.' J had lots of questions burning through his mind.

The End

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