Mr Shooke

'Why are you talking to me?' J asked the man, not looking at him.
'I met you before. I know you, Jacob Walters.' He said suspisously.
'Actually, I prefer J. And how do you know me? I have never met you in my life. Tell me your name.' J racked his brain, maybe he had met the man. 
'You should know my name.' This man was getting annoying now. J shrugged stifly.
He sighed, 'My name is Shooke, Billy Shooke. Are you remembering?'
J suddenly  remembered something from when he was younger. He had met a man with white-blonde hair at his fathers funeral. J remembered his dad, the last time they saw each other, J had just got a medal for his artwork. J loved drawing, drawing anything. Occasionally he would let his mind wonder and see what he drew.
Anyway, sorry, back to the story.

'Yeah. I remember you now. You were my dads employer, weren't you?' His dad had worked selling computer ink over phones.
'Yes, he did, J.' Shooke answered J's thoughts as if he could read J's mind.
'I can read minds, J. And your father was no ordinary man...'

The End

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