Can I play?

J was on the train. Going to his aunties in London. He had a two hour train journey to complete and he had only just got on.
He was already bored. He had taken a deck of cards in his small blue rucksack but he was the only one sitting in a seat without a table.
He looked round at the other passengers. The train carrage had about five people riding in it. A man with his child sat noisily at the front of the carrage and a girl listening to her iPod behind him, but someone drew J's eyes more than anyone else.

A young man with white-blond hair was staring at J from across the aisle. J looked at him for a second then turned away, feeling awkward. The mans pierceing green eyes locked on J.
Finally J spoke, 'What are you looking at?' He tried to say it bravely but he could not hide his fear.
The man got up, still looking at J, and sat in the seat next to him.

J was still holding his deck of cards. The man asked, his voice was rough and low,
'Can I play?' 

The End

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