Lone boy

A boy called J meets a man and the man shows J how to do things that normal people would call paranormal

'Mum, I don't wanna stay with Auntie Annie!' J whined to his mother.
'Listen, honey. I understand why you don't want to leave me, but its only for two weeks. Ok?' J's mother was all the things a good mother should be, kind, caring, pretty. But ever since J's dad died a few years before, she had been struggling with money. So J's auntie had just offered to take J for 2 weeks.

Unlike most teenagers, J seemed unhappy to go. He would still visit his mother, but he knew it wouldn't be the same. It's like he was losing both his parents, first his dad in that car accident now his mum, she couldn't look after J anymore. J knew this so agreed to go to his aunties.

But something happened on the train J wouldn't ever of thought of happening.

The End

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